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Utilizing Video In Real Estate With Sascha Chatman

In the latest episode of our podcast: Keeping It Real, we discuss how you can leverage video in real estate with real estate tech ninja Sascha Chatman.

Sascha is crushing it with videos. He does everything from using them for lead follow-up to social media posts to running a successful YouTube channel!

In this episode, Sascha will share what kind of videos he’s making, how he’s making them, and how he’s utilizing them for the best ROI.

Utilizing video is looking to have a formative impact on many industries this year, including Real Estate. If you’re looking for a way to increase traffic to your real estate website, consider using video.

Videos are an extremely powerful marketing tool, and they can be used in many ways to drive traffic to your site. In this article, our real estate coaches, Greg Harrelson and Abe Safa will discuss how to drive traffic to your real estate website.

For more insights from Abe and Greg, you can follow the regular Mastermind blog posts breaking down each episode or take a look at their most popular digital downloads: How To Generate Leads in the Next 72 Hours, Building a Fail-Proof Follow-Up System, and The 3 Blueprints of Success.

Utilizing Video in Real Estate with Sascha Chatman

The real estate industry is highly competitive, and success often depends on the ability of real estate agents to establish strong relationships with their clients.

One of the most effective ways to build trust and establish credibility is through the use of video.

Utilizing video in real estate can have a profound impact on the way that agents communicate with clients and can help to build stronger relationships with prospects. In this post, we will explore some of the ways in which real estate agents can use video effectively to grow their businesses.

Email Campaigns

One of the most effective ways to use video in real estate is through email campaigns.

With drip email campaigns, real estate agents can quickly establish credibility with leads and stay in front of prospects who are not yet ready to move forward.

Instead of writing long paragraphs in emails, agents can include videos that explain the key details about a property and engage prospects to contact them for further information.

This allows prospects to see the agent’s personality and specialty, which helps to build trust and establish a positive relationship.


Another effective way to use video in real estate is through nurturing. Nurturing is an important process of starting and building relationships with prospects, and it is crucial to winning over their trust.

Sending prospects a video of the agent introducing themselves and demonstrating how they can help them meet their needs is a great way to start building a relationship.

This type of video allows prospects to get to know the agent, their personality, and the level of expertise they bring to the table.

Explaining Contracts

As a real estate agent, it is important to educate clients about the complex aspects of real estate negotiations and contracts.

Video can be a powerful tool for explaining these details in a clear and concise manner.

By using video to explain the intricacies of contracts, real estate agents can ensure that their clients have a clear understanding of the process and can make informed decisions about their real estate investments.

Tips for Making Effective Videos

To be successful with video in real estate, it is important to become comfortable being in front of the camera.

Some tips for making a good video include thinking about the target audience, matching the content with the email campaign, keeping the video short, catching the attention of the prospect in the first three seconds, and including a clear call to action.

Real estate agents should also format their videos appropriately for the website they are posting them to, as social media networks, for example, have specific formatting guidelines.

In conclusion, using video in real estate can be a highly effective way to communicate with clients and build trust.

By creating a library of videos that cover important areas of real estate and address specific questions, real estate agents can save a great deal of time and efficiently educate their clients.

Whether used in email campaigns, nurturing, or contract explanation, video is a powerful tool that can help real estate agents to grow their businesses and establish strong relationships with their clients.

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