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Top 50 Video Influencer Alvin Tapia Shares Quick Tips & Examples

A real estate agent in Rancho Cucamonga, California, and a fellow Lab Coat Agent of yours, Alvin Tapia, is a video influencer in the industry. 

Not only has he contributed videos and video tips in the LCA Facebook group, he was also recognized in our Top 50 Real Estate Video Influencers project. 

In five different categories, the project ranks 50 agents and teams and honorably mentions 30 more who are leading the way with video. Listing videos. Community videos. Recorded Videos. Live videos. And All Around video influencers.  

Alvin ranks #3 in the Recorded Video category, which honors achievement with videos recorded for emails, text messages, and social media.  

In watching his videos, it seems likely that the main reason Alvin uses video in his business is that it’s fun for him – a feeling that comes across in all the channels he uses. He’s out and about around his market. He’s connecting and communicating with people throughout his community. He’s dancing with his daughter. 

Through it all, Alvin’s always the lead personality and he’s always having fun. He’s never overproduced, but does add some subtle yet helpful production techniques – even in Instagram videos. 

Here in this post, get some of his video tips and see some of his examples. 

Quick Video Tips & Examples

We reached out to Alvin to ask him 3 specific questions:  

  • What’s your best tip for coming up with video topics?  
  • Where and how do you market or promote your videos? 
  • What are the benefits of recording and sharing video content? 

Here’s what he told us!

Generating Video Topics

Alvin’s recommendation: “Look around in your community. What’s going on?” It’s really that simple. You’re a local. You know the local market. What’s going on in the market?

Whether it’s seasonal fun, like the pumpkin patch video Alvin mentions (see it below), a new restaurant opening, specific market conditions, or any other change or update that affects people who live in the area or are thinking about moving to the area, “what’s going on” is a simple and effective place to start.


And it doesn’t have to be a lot. A “quick, little 1 minute video” like the one above is what much of Alvin’s Facebook videos tab features. 

In summary: “As far as topics, look around in your area and see what’s going on.” 

Facebook and YouTube 

Fun fact: as of the time of this write up, that pumpkin patch video has 20x more views in Facebook than it does in YouTube.

“I use Facebook as one platform, but it’s not the only platform,” says Alvin. Despite the viewership Facebook’s providing these days, he’s not overlooking YouTube. People getting started with video today may be underusing YouTube in favor of younger distribution channels. 

As is the case in most situations, the answer is both/and rather than either/or.  

Though he has 22,000+ views on his YouTube videos, Alvin has 13,000+ views on one Facebook video alone – in part due to 83 shares. Since June 2016, other Facebook videos have 3,000+ to 12,000+ views. 

In contrast, Alvin’s been using YouTube for 5 years and averages 100-300 views per video – with a high of 738 and a low of 10.  

His Instagram videos average about 150 views each – with a range of 50-250 or so. 

The point: most videos you upload to YouTube can also be uploaded to Facebook – and vice versa. They’ll reach different audiences. And your YouTube videos in particular will hang around in search results.  

In a previous LCA blog post about All Around winner Kyle Whissel, you’ll see that many of his videos are available in both Facebook and YouTube, as well. 


One of the top benefits of recording videos: “The name recognition. Your name gets out there at a larger scale.” 

In Alvin’s experience, people recognize you out at events. By experiencing you through videos, prospects, agents, and others feel like they know you before they ever meet you. They greet you more warmly and converse more easily. 

“That does work to our advantage, especially in our industry,” says Alvin. “The agent on the other side may recognize you from one of your videos and may look a little more favorably toward you as far as who you’re representing, the offer you’re bringing in. It’s always nice to have that kind of competitive edge.”

And it’s not just about YouTube and Facebook videos. Alvin takes care to reach out to agents and others in personal videos from the BombBomb mobile app. See an example of a simple, but valuable “thank you” video below.

Thanks and Next Steps 

Congratulations to Alvin for landing among the top video influencers in real estate. And thanks to Alvin for allowing us to share his story and examples. 


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