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Video “Sucks When It’s Perfect” and Other Tips from the #1 All Around Video Influencer

Through the Fall 2017, BombBomb took on the ambitious task of identifying and ranking the top 50 Real Estate Video Influencers. Including honorable mentions, 80 people in total were recognized across these 5 categories:

– Home Tours and Listing Videos
– Neighborhood and Community Videos
– Recorded Videos for Email, Text, and Social
– Live Videos in Facebook and YouTube
– All Around Video Influencers

This fifth category – All Around – is comprised of real estate professionals using video so well in so many ways that each could have ranked in the top 10 in a few or even all of the other categories.

#1 All Around Video Influencer

The #1 winner in All Around? Your fellow LabCoat Agent Kyle Whissel of Whissel Realty in San Diego, California.

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More than 500 videos in Facebook and in YouTube. Videos for his listings. Community videos like Santee Saturdays and East County Eats. Nearly 100 personal videos in BombBomb. Video from a live radio show. Live Facebook videos. Market updates. Answers to FAQs. And much more!

Click here to see his YouTube playlists.
Click here to see his Facebook videos tab.

Video is part of most aspects of his business and he seamlessly combines quality and quantity. And through consistent execution, Kyle’s developed a style that would fit right in on HGTV or Food Network.

So how does he do it?

Video Tips from the #1 All Around Influencer 

To include in the educational guide, we asked each of the top 50 to share their video tips. The three questions we asked Kyle: 

  • How do you stay consistent with video? 
  • What equipment and set up do you use? 
  • If an agent wanted to start using video, what advice would you give him or her? 

Of course, Kyle was kind enough to answer them based on both his experience and expertise using video in his real estate business. Click his video thumbnail to see and hear them…

 Tips for Getting Started 

“Don’t try to be the best person in video on day one. You’ve got to just start somewhere.” 

“What we do didn’t happen overnight.” Instead, Kyle and his team are three years into their video process. In that time, they’ve built up the quality and quantity of their videos and their video equipment.  

“Our videos started out with just an iPhone … and in all honesty, sometimes the most effective videos are those cell phone videos because they’re very raw, real, and authentic.” 

Tips to Be Yourself

“Don’t be what you think people want you to be. Be you! Be true to who you are.”

One of Kyle’s overarching life philosophies: “I would rather somebody hate me for being me than love me for being what I’m not.” 

“Don’t worry about how you look.” The camera shows what you look like – for better or for worse. Embrace it and know that you’re your own harshest critic. 

It’s obvious that content consumption is moving toward video, so start now with what you have, be who you are, and build up your skills and techniques. 

Top Tip: Perfect Video “Sucks” 

When people stumble over a word or mess up in some way, the first instinct is to stop and re-record. This is one of the spots from which the false impression that video takes too much time originates. 

Instead: “Don’t worry. Don’t overthink it.” 

Your video “doesn’t need to be perfect. It actually sucks when it’s perfect, because you sound like a robot.” 

Bonus Tip

Facebook Live dominates video – that’s one of the most effective forms of video out there right now.”

See All the Real Estate Video Influencers

Again, Kyle was awarded #1 in the All Around category, which features real estate professionals who excel in several categories of video, so much so that they needed their own category!

Click here to see the entire top 10 All Around video influencers, plus 10 honorable mentions! 


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