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Tips for Listing Success with BombBomb Video Email Marketing

I’ve had tremendous success leveraging BombBomb in my business. At least one seller a month is procured as a result of a well-timed video from me. The feedback from clients after the sale was that the video endeared them in a way that a first impression would. Video has the incredible ability to give you a listing appointment from the convenience of your own home. 

When discussing this subject with many agents, they mostly agree that video is the way to go. However, very rarely do these same agents leverage themselves via this media. I believe it’s largely due to agents not feeling confident enough to put themselves on video. Let’s be real with one another: NO ONE likes themselves on camera. No one. Let’s just get over ourselves and utilize technology in a way that is both successful AND easy! 

In my regular use of BombBomb, I found a few key points that have helped set me apart when attempting to obtain listings via this method. I’ve summarized them below into four quick video tips.  

Be Authentic

People don’t like salespeople. Just be real! It sells better. Oftentimes, I am not in an ideal setting, I say things like “Umm” or “Uhh” but I’ve made the decision that this isn’t a production. More than likely, I would’ve said the same things in person and make the same mistakes, so why make a change? 






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