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The Best Way To Get Real Estate Seller Leads In 2023

If you’re a real estate agent looking for the best way to get seller leads, zBuyer may be the perfect option for you. This powerful platform is specifically designed to help agents connect with motivated sellers and present them with offers that can lead to successful deals.

Once you have this power, getting your hands on valuable leads should no longer be a problem. Read on to learn more about how zBuyer works and discover why it could be your go-to resource when solving all of your seller lead generation needs.

How Do We Define “The Best Real Estate Leads”?

The best leads are those that have a high likelihood of converting into actual sales for real estate agents and brokers. Some key characteristics of the best leads would include the following:

  • Fresh And Recent Leads – The leads are new, not recycled or aged. The individuals have recently expressed an interest in buying or selling a property.
  • Verified And Accurate Information – The lead information has been verified to be accurate, including name, contact details, location, property needs, and budget. Inaccurate or bad data leads to wasted time and effort.
  • Motivated Buyers And Sellers – The individuals have a genuine motivation or need to buy or sell. They are not just casually browsing or tire-kicking. There is an actual urgency or timeline for their needs.
  • Detailed Property Requirements – For zBuyer leads, their property requirements are specified, including location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, lot size, budget, etc. This helps agents quickly determine good fits and reach out to the leads.

How zBuyer Makes A Difference From Other Lead Providers

zBuyer offers real estate buyer/seller leads that are generated through various online and offline channels. Unlike other lead providers who simply aggregate and resell leads from multiple sources, zBuyer has a multi-pronged approach to generating exclusive and high-quality leads:

  • Proprietary Lead Generation Methods: zBuyer employs data scientists and marketing experts to identify pockets of sellers and reach out to them through targeted ads and drip campaigns. This results in a steady stream of exclusive leads that are not resold to other agents.
  • Custom Nurturing: Leads that do not convert immediately are put into custom nurturing campaigns to keep them warm. This increases the chances of conversion when the time is right for the sellers.
  • Performance Tracking: zBuyer provides detailed performance tracking on all leads to give agents full visibility into the lead status, engagement, and conversion metrics.

What zBuyer Lead Has That Other Providers Don’t

zBuyer lead goes above and beyond other real estate lead providers by offering the following key benefits:

  • Direct contact information: zBuyer provides the direct contact information of motivated sellers and serious buyers, allowing real estate agents to reach out to solid leads directly.
  • Proven Qualified leads: zBuyer vets and qualifies leads before providing them to agents. This ensures only serious and motivated leads are distributed, saving agents time chasing poor-quality leads.
  • Lead replacement: If a lead does not convert, zBuyer will replace it with a new lead at no additional cost. This provides peace of mind that agents are getting value for their investment.
  • Dedicated customer service: The zBuyer team provides fast and personalized support to help agents get the most out of their leads.
  • Private community: Agents get access to a private mastermind community to network, share tips and learn from other high-performing real estate professionals using zBuyer leads.
  • No long-term contracts: zBuyer does not lock agents into long-term contracts. Agents can pause or cancel their subscriptions at any time with no penalty.

How zBuyer Leads Is Worth It If You See A Lull In Your Business Activity

The comprehensive database of real estate leads can help you jump-start your business when experiencing a lull in activity. The leads are sorted according to buyer/seller preferences and location, so you can easily find the best properties for your clients.

They also provide valuable information about each listing, including photos, property details, and neighborhood amenities.


zBuyer is the perfect choice for realtors who are looking for reliable leads and up-to-date market information. Their comprehensive database and accurate leads can help you stay ahead of the competition and jump-start your business when needed.

With zBuyer, you can easily access valuable reports that provide you with information about current real estate market trends in particular locations, making it easier for you to help your clients make the best decisions. If you’re looking for a reliable and comprehensive real estate lead generation service, zBuyer is the perfect choice.

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