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The 3 Pillars To Building A Profitable And Scalable Real Estate Marketing Machine

With the industry growing more competitive and expensive everyday, real estate agents can no longer afford to “wing it” with their marketing and can not continue depending on the money-hungry portals and old-school referrals for leads and transactions.

The problem for most agents is they have been burned countless times by traditional lead generation.

Real estate marketing companies often promise agents and teams the world but fail to deliver tangible results. Alternatively, if agents invest with the big property portals, they charge thousands of dollars per lead or slap on a 35% commission split – making it impossible to really scale.

Over the past 20 years, Howard Tager and Juefeng Ge, two of the industry’s top real estate marketing disruptors, have been flipping real estate on its head for the past 20 years, starting with TigerLead, and now Ylopo.

At TigerLead, they helped clients sell $5 billion in homes and become the go-to leaders in their respective markets.

Over his career, Ge managed over 20,000,000 in media spend, and his teams have generated over 10,000,000 in internet leads.

Once Howard and Ge sold TigerLead, the two real estate disruptors decided to test their proven model with their new venture, Ylopo, in 2016, and have since been growing at a massive scale.

Tager, Ge, and 500+ data engineers and marketing specialists have broken down the data-backed marketing model into 3 core pillars every agent and team needs to scale their business for success.

  1. A dynamic IDX-branded home search site with remarketing.
  2. A robust lead generation system with dynamic technology.
  3. Automation/AI follow-up system – capable of filtering, verifying, and qualifying the lead.

With this model, Ylopo generates 3+ million leads a year for over 30,000 active agents and manages $2 million of client media per month on Facebook and Google.

Pillar 1: House Your Own Lead Flow

Think of your IDX Home Search Site (HSS) as your core foundation to house your lead flow or a personal lead portal.

Howard Tager emphasizes that every agent must have a personal fishbowl because the last thing we want to do is send all the leads to the big property portals.

For your Home Search Site to be effective, you need a continuous flow of website traffic. What fuels regular traffic is an effective remarketing tool to entice interest where it is least expected.

Every time a person lands on your site and takes any action, you want to track their behavior.


The power of dynamic remarketing – that most agents don’t know about or underestimate – is even though a person may not be intentionally searching for a property, tracking their data at that moment allows you to follow up with them until they are ready to transact.

We will dive a bit deeper into this topic later.

Pillar 2: Implement Effective Lead Generation

We hear from 90-95% of agents that lead generation does not work.

The problem is they have not partnered with someone that fully commits to lead generation and lead nurture for a living.

It is one thing to offer a CRM, but another to provide the fuel to harness the full power of the CRM to deliver leads.

Most CRM companies provide lead generation services, but it is not their primary business focus, nor do they invest in the research, technology, and manpower to supply leads consistently.

Ylopo is the only real estate marketing technology company investing millions of dollars in research and development to provide data-backed lead-generation and digital marketing solutions.

In fact, for the newest lead generation solution from Ylopo, Direct Connect, we invested around 2 million dollars and 6 months of testing.

Since its launch, we have onboarded 400+ agents and teams and have generated some incredible client testimonials.

Direct Connect takes dynamic lead registration to the next level.

Now you can build the prospect’s home search profile and consumer demographic profile all at once by asking them to answer 20+ questions before they are considered a qualified lead and moved to the next step of the real estate journey.

Here’s an example of the old registration model flipped on its head:

Imagine your ISA or agent has access to this data before they even get on the phone with the prospect.

Wouldn’t you feel more confident and tailor the conversation more effectively to the needs of buyers with all this data?

Lead generation is 2X more effective when you have access to data and highly complex marketing technology.

For example, if you run PPC ads, you know the cost per lead is more expensive than FB ads but higher in quality because the prospect is actively looking to buy or sell a home.

The intentionality is higher. Therefore the cost per lead is also higher.

Traditional PPC is limited in keyword search capacity (around 40-50 keywords per campaign).

However, Ylopo’s PPC 2.0 uses dynamic technology to dive deeper and expand to hundreds of geographic keywords and search terms to tailor the lead’s search.

PPC 2.0 converts 60% better than traditional PPC ads because of the added specificity and relevancy delivered by PPC 2.0, and thus the cost per lead goes down.

Now let’s go back to dynamic remarketing for a second.

Once a lead surfs around and scrolls through a few of your listings, we use your ads posted on Facebook to follow them around and place similar properties (according to their search criteria) in their Facebook feeds.

Dynamic remarketing is a powerful tool for keeping your brand visible and your products relevant to your target market.

We are starting lead conversion early in the buyer journey when the cost per lead is low, and once that person is ready, they will choose you to buy from as opposed to your competitor.

See what I mean?

Now for the million-dollar question: once a lead is qualified, how can we nurture them effectively without costing you time and money?

Pillar 3: Leverage Automation to Scale

Here is where the magic happens.

So now you have qualified leads. The next step is to nurture them down the funnel to book an appointment and ultimately close a deal.

So how can you do this quickly and easily?

One word: RAIYA.

RAIYA is Ylopo’s AI text-based automated ISA.

RAIYA revives dead leads and engages and qualifies new ones 24/7 with our designated inbound call center.

She can fully integrate with your Ylopo platform and brand.

Letting even one quality lead fall through the cracks can be a costly mistake for your business.

Teams don’t have the time or team agents to manage every new and existing lead 24/7, so it is crucial to implement a proven automation/follow-up system.

If you want to close more transactions and scale your business, you need someone like RAIYA on your team.

We have found that RAIYA can have up to 2-hour long conversations with a 30-40% text-back rate.

We Covered A lot In A Few Short Minutes Of Reading…What’s Next?

Your next step is to pick one thing to start implementing.

Ask yourself, “what makes the most sense for my business right now?”

Does it make more sense to have an automated ISA to improve the quality and consistency of your lead follow-up?

Does your business desperately need an effective IDX site and regular organic traffic?

Or maybe you need modern lead generation technology to maximize your return on your marketing spend.

Whatever your personal business need is, Ylopo can help.

Discover how these 3 pillars work together to build you the ultimate real estate marketing machine by booking a free demo.

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