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The Tech Tools You Need to Win Part 1 – Traditional Brokerages

Over the past 14 months, traditional brokerages have come to really understand the value of technology and its ability to impact their business. But there are a lot of technology options and understanding which tools are best for your organization can be a daunting task.

The innovative team from The Realty Shop in St. Louis, Missouri has been at the forefront of leveraging technology to drive business growth.  Amanda and Jay Steinbeck and their Culture Wizard, Erin Irby, joined Tristian and Randy Carroll for a discussion about how technology and culture intersect and which innovations they have used to transform their company from a startup to one of the top three firms in the state in just three years. Click here to listen in to the conversation or read on for the highlights.

The Realty Shop team relies on technology tools to support their team, grow their business, and develop company culture. Which tools make the most impact? Below are Amanda and Jay’s top tech picks:

1. Chime Platform – Chime is the hub of the firm’s technology applications. Their team has a 100% adoption rate due in large part to a company culture built empowering productivity with a “toolbox” of tech innovations and a commitment to provide ample training. According to Jay, “Chime is the reason we are able to do what we do effectively and across so many different platforms. We evaluated more than 40 CRM systems; we selected Chime because it works for exactly what we need it to do – it offers both flexibility and responsiveness. Plus, the open API means we can easily integrate with all the other technology tools our team uses to achieve that critical speed to lead response time.”

2. Dedicated email server – The team uses a custom exchange server that ties into Chime. This helps establish a baseline of professionalism where all email addresses are uniform and ensures a seamless process for lead nurturing.

3. Phone – Landlines are a thing of the past! The team uses technology to handle inbound calls and leads. The ability to use the Chime app on a phone also allows the group to stay connected and move transactions forward.

4. Dropbox – Easy-to-use document management technology is a no-brainer.

5. Zoom – The team is currently building out six green screen studios to enable their team of agents to conduct initial consultations, listing presentations, and more via Zoom. This integrates with their “offline” marketing activities and accelerates the “speed to lead” process.

How do Amanda and Jay get buy-in from the team to use Chime and the other technology applications? Erin says it is all about bringing in the right people with the right mindset who are looking to build their book of business. Culture fit and technology adoption go hand in hand.

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