Mar 16, 2018 by - Scott Hack

Tackling SEO and Digital Marketing, Part 3: Video Breakdown of Web Stats

This is the third installment of Scott Hack’s series for LabCoat Agents, “Tackling SEO & Digital Marketing.” Part I covers how to find the right consultant or new team member to assist you in Search Engine Optimization. Part II is more of a checklist to see how SEO-friendly your site is now, and how to improve through small steps. Check those out if you haven’t already! 

The video below will provide a quick primer on the new layout for Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console, as they now call it, as well as Google Analytics.  Both tools provide valuable insights into the health and rankings for your site.  Knowing how to read this data will put you in a better position when discussing your site with any consultants that you bring on to assist you. 

For this video we will be exploring the traffic, etc., for, a conference hosted back in January, as an example. This is so I can show you a lot of great details without the personal data or private information inherent on a consistent website.


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