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— by Anne Baldwin

How To Successfully Work With Your Spouse

I think it’s a safe bet to say that most real estate professionals are married to their work. But what about when you’re married to your work and to your team mate? Most people you ask will probably say they could never work with their spouse; if structured properly, it can actually be an extremely smart and cost effective move.

Five years ago I quit my corporate office job in the NYC fashion industry to be home with our new baby. I quickly learned that being a full time stay at home mom wasn’t for me -but going back my full time job with a long commute wasn’t an option either. After a long conversation with my husband Nick and my mother in law, who at the time was our team owner, I decided to join the family business and get my real estate license.

I have now been working on and off with my husband Nick, in some capacity, for the past 5 years and recently we branched off and formed our own team. Unlike before, where I was in and out of the industry depending on where our life was at that moment, I have now taken on a more hands on role in our business. It hasn’t always been the easiest road and we still hit bumps at times, but now that we’ve figured out what works, we have figured out HOW to work.

Here are a few secrets on how to make working with your spouse both beneficial and enjoyable!

1- Find balance that works for YOU
We all know that work/life balance in real estate for the most part, is a lie. We also know that you can’t always separate work life and home life- especially when you and your spouse work together. Issues are bound to pop up and you don’t always have the luxury to just turn-off. Because of the nature of this industry, setting realistic expectations upfront is of the utmost importance. Creating your own version of balance is key and balance is going to look different for every couple. For us, balance on a day to day basis just isn’t attainable, but balance over all is what we try to achieve.  To do that, we like to look at the week ahead and determine how busy of a week it’ll be and schedule ‘’us’’ and family time accordingly.


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