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Speed to Lead: How this Company is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Market

Let’s face it. Real estate is a highly competitive market, where both buyers and sellers are looking for the perfect deal.

With the real estate industry picking up momentum again and the entire world pivoting to new ways of getting customers, there’s this one marketing agency that’s disrupting the industry with cutting-edge lead generation.

What Realtors Need to Know About the New Speed to Lead Concept?

Most lead generation companies showcase themselves as the most promising. They claim customers will be ready to purchase property or even sell it. But how much of that is true?
With everything going digital – buyers and sellers are looking for the best options in the shortest amount of time. This is where the SPEED TO LEAD Concept comes into play.

It is based on the premise that EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM!

Meaning that if you connect with the customer first, your chances of winning their business skyrockets.

zBuyer has earned its place in the market by focusing its marketing efforts on finding home sellers and shoppers that are ready to speak with a realtor about their options. Once zBuyer has captured their information it is delivered to their members in real-time. Meaning you now have the ability to follow up with your next potential client while the marketing is still fresh in their mind.

This helps acquire all their needs and establish yourself as the realtor that can meet their needs. According to the National Association of Realtors, 75% of home buyers choose the first agent they interview.

Main Reason Why Most Realtors Are Doing Lead Generation Wrong!

A common reason why most lead generation companies fail to deliver is that they use the same old marketing techniques that they used on customers in the past.

It can be tough to find the right lead providing company. After all, it’s the customer’s expectations, usually the most treasured asset in question.

Marketing is the core requirement of buying and selling, and zBuyer rigorously follows suit to acquire the needs and details of both the seller and the buyer to generate a qualifying lead.

The Example Set Forth by zBuyer That’s Serving Customers across the country.

The Unique Process Behind Generating Leads:

For Sellers:

The process is simple. When the homeowners complete a marketing path answering a series of qualifying questions, zBuyer captures the leads and provides them to realtors. The realtors can initiate contact to set up a time or call to initiate the deal further.

This process defines the company’s slogan: Speed to Lead

For Buyers:

When a customer wants to purchase a house. The home shoppers visit zBuyer’s sister site called HousingNow, they request updates on properties and to view homes in their area. 

zBuyer is a leading real estate agency that provides quality leads to realtors that help them in conversions. They aim to work through a transparent process that benefits buyers and sellers. With the expertise in lead generation delivered by zBuyer, and the desire of an agent to utilize CRM’s, systems, and of course the concept of speed to lead, zBuyer can be the partner to take your business to new heights.

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