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Simple Texting Strategies to Engage Your Database for Long-Term Listings

Consider this…

It takes up to eight times more money, energy, and time to try and capture new clients than it does to generate business from your past clients and sphere of influence. So ask yourself… “How often do I engage with my database to generate repeat and referral business?” 

While it’s always important to take care of your day-to-day real estate responsibilities, it’s equally important to create systems and processes that will generate lasting referral business from your existing relationships. If you don’t, your past clients, friends, and family are going to forget that you’re their go-to agent.

Don’t let your database fall through the cracks! Keep reading to discover how to organize your database and send them simple text messages for a long-lasting, referral-based business.

Start with Your Database

Real estate isn’t one size fits all – and neither is an effective database. That being said, every agent’s database should be well-organized, consistently nurtured, and constantly updated to maximize repeat and referral business.

But if your database isn’t quite up to snuff, don’t worry! Many agents who have been in the industry for almost a decade still use their smartphone contacts as their “database.” If you’re using your phone contacts as a database too, consider switching to a CRM (like LionDesk or Follow Up Boss) and follow these three steps to start nurturing today:

  • Download your contacts
    Use an app like MC Backup (in the Apple or Google app store) to download and save your contacts as a CSV file. Upload that file into your CRM so your entire sphere exists on one easily manageable platform.
  • Segment your database
    You’re going to engage with different people based on your unique relationship with them. So after you upload your contacts into a CRM, take some time to tag and sort them into different subgroups based on how you know them. You might tag them as friend, family, past client, former co-worker, hot prospect, seller, buyer, gym buddy, military service, neighborhood name, etc. A well-organized database will allow you to better personalize your follow-up content for different targeted audiences.
  • Send out a simple text message
    With your contacts sorted, choose a list of your hottest leads (or past clients) and send this simple text message to offer value and collect more contact information:

A simple text script like this is a great way to immediately offer value to your database while you get a feel for the future of your follow-up strategy.

The Power of Past Clients

Past Clients are “low-hanging fruit” you can easily tap for repeat and referral business. Working with cold leads requires a lot of time and energy because you have to convert a stranger into a client. Your past clients offer access to easy wins because you’ve already laid a foundation of trust and positive rapport. 

So after you close a deal, put your client into a quarterly text drip campaign that looks something like this:

These messages may be short, sweet, and to the point… but they’re still packed with care and value for your clients. An annual texting strategy like this one will keep you top-of-mind in case your past clients (or someone they know) ever needs an agent. 

Use the Right Tools & Follow the Rules

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I’ve uploaded and organized my database, but I still don’t have a good way to send text messages!” look no further. 

You’re now able to easily send text messages from the REDX Vortex Prospecting Platform* (via Text Pro). This powerful texting tool allows you to create message templates with custom merge fields, schedule messages to send at a specific date/time, all through a unique follow-up texting number of your choice. (You can also use WAVV Messenger to easily send texts from your CRM or the WAVV Mobile App.) 

And for even more follow-up strategies to further engage and grow your database, check out this replay of the REDX “Contact to Contract” Webinar. You’ll learn how to create a successful follow-up schedule, how to convert “the other 97%” and other amazing ways you can follow up with your contacts. If you enjoy the webinar and want to try Text Pro (at a special discount), call (800) 731-7339 to take advantage of the limited-time offer mentioned in the webinar.

*REMINDER: Don’t text without consent! Text messaging is not for contacting cold leads. You should only text people you have an established relationship with, or who have given you express permission to send them a follow-up message. Failure to do so could get you in trouble with the TCPA. (This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re just texting your database.) 

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