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Serve Your Clients While Serving Up Content By Leveraging ChatGPT

With intense pressure to identify, nurture, and convert leads in less time than ever, effective marketing has never been more important! 

ChatGPT has taken marketing and copywriting by storm so why not combine the power of lead nurturing tech with the power of AI driven content creation to eliminate the time consuming yet essential process? Well now you can.

Leverage ChatGPT Within Your CRM

Chime’s newest integration with ChatGPT allows you to leverage the power of ChatGPT right inside of your Chime CRM portal. Create blogs, social media captions, and mass email/text communications all at the click of a button without having to toggle between multiple systems. Learn more about our ChatGPT functionality by visiting Chime’s website.

Tommy Mutchler, Managing Broker at the REAL Broker and longtime Chime customer notes, “Chime’s integration with ChatGPT is going to change the future of real estate marketing. Agents will now be empowered to automate their business in ways they’ve never dreamed of.” 

We recently had a webinar with Tommy and the Lab Coat Agent crew where we dove into how powerful ChatGPT can be for real estate pros. Be sure to check that out below:

With nearly five years of experience humanizing the platform’s existing AI and continuous product development, this latest integration underscores our commitment to delivering innovative tech purpose built for the real estate community. Relying on our new ChatGPT functionality, agents can rest assured knowing the database they have worked so hard to build is regularly engaged with relevant and meaningful content, carefully curated to fuel the pipeline with sales ready leads. 

Want to learn more about how ChatGPT can help you create campaigns, content and communications more efficiently? Sign up for a FREE personalized demo of Chime and claim your exclusive LCA Discount below.

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