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How Do You Sell More Homes, Faster?

For decades, real estate professionals have wrestled with finding the secrets to overcome the challenge of staying top-of-mind with their spheres of influence and past customers. In fact, our industry continues to report that 90% of consumers love working with their real estate agent, but when they move again in 7-9 years only 13% work with the same agent again. Recently, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services CEO, Chris Stuart was paraphrased as saying agents need to, “… mind the loyalty gap and enormous business opportunities exist in doing a better job of keeping up with past customers and spheres of influence.“ He’s not wrong, especially when considering our industry reports that upwards of 86% of an agent’s business is procured from their sphere of influence. Typically, real estate agents miss out on repeat and referral opportunities because they lack consistent follow-up, fail to provide relevant value, and miss the correct timing to make the most impact.

Creating customers for life is no longer an abstract concept. It’s now a practical reality thanks to MooveGuru’s acquisition of HomeKeepr. Together these two organizations have unveiled the industry’s only all-in-one mover and home pro-related concierge service designed to keep agents in front of their customers, for life. By providing utility connections, the best rates on home services, valuable discounts for national and local retailers, the MooveGuru customer for life program solves the loyalty gap challenge. Never before have agents and brokerages been able to stay top-of-mind, while providing real value to current and past customers through complete automation in an all-in-one platform.

Simply put, many real estate professionals attempt to stay in front of their spheres of influence and past customers by providing off-the-shelf, real estate-focused newsletters, emails, post-cards, and social media posts. What’s often missing is the “sticky factor” or “value” to the end-user or consumer. Providing discounts and coupons on home-related products and services customers are seeking creates a connection that drives repeat engagement and a spirit of reciprocity. Everyone likes the person in their life that brings them gifts in the form of discounts and special offers for the products and services they already want to purchase. Because agents are typically focused on only the customers that are ready to buy or sell in the next 30-60 days, having a system automate multi-touchpoint opportunities is paramount to mining more repeat and referral business…, ultimately, selling more homes, faster!

MooveGuru is an automated, white-glove mover engagement program, free for real estate brokers and agents, that enables brokerages to provide moving-related services for their clients. In addition to their concierge-style utility connections center, MooveGuru sends discounts on services frequently used by homebuyers and sellers to clients branded on behalf of agents and their brokerages, with partners including ERA, Keller Williams, Better Homes, and Gardens Real Estate, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Exit Realty, Century 21, RE/MAX and The Realty Alliance. HomeKeepr has been providing consumers with similar services through their agent-branded homeownership content and highly rated mobile app, co-branded to agents nationwide. Leading firms like Keller Williams, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Realty Executives, and others have deployed HomeKeepr to agents and customers.

Also, timing is extremely important. Through proprietary algorithms, we now understand at precisely what point in time “movers” are most likely to be searching for and purchasing specific products and services. Coincidentally, this also happens to intersect with the moments in time that buyers and sellers feel the most “connected” to their real estate agent. Anchoring the exchange of value at this time between agent and customer builds trust, strengthens relationships, and clears a path toward future communication and engagement. Did you know that 93% of Americans order pizza on the day of their move? Did you know that home buyers shop for home-owners insurance about 35 days before closing? And, within 10 days after moving, homeowners re-establish their grocer and pharmacy relationships. All of these (and many more) moments in time creates multiple, ongoing, points of engagement for you and your customers. Having a system that provides this while you focus on the highest and best use of your time is a game-changer in our relationship-driven industry.

To sell more homes, faster consider this:

  • Love on your contacts
  • Protect your data
  • Deliver real value
  • Leverage automation
  • Partner with the pros
For more than 20 years I’ve been helping real estate agents and brokerages utilize technology to increase capacity, create more efficiency, and essentially sell more homes, faster. It’s exciting to know the combined efforts, products, services, and personnel of MooveGuru and HomeKeepr has produced a groundbreaking service that helps agents and brokerages overcome critical business challenges at a time we need it most!
MooveGuru seamlessly connects your moving consumers to all of their Utilities with a dedicated mover concierge, sends money-saving offers on move-related products from brands like The Home Depot, Pods, and others, then keeps the agent top of mind with all of their past customers with a lifetime of touches. All of this…at no cost. Too good to be true? Let us show you.

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