Feb 13, 2018 by - David Anderson

Seize “Micro-moments” with LionDesk Video Texting

Two years ago, a blog post appeared on Think With Google entitled, “I Want-To-Go Moments: From Search to Store.” It remains even more relevant today than it did at its posting, which explains its accessibility. In it, blogger Matt Mason coined the phrase “micro-moments.” He used the term to encapsulate consumers’ mobile search habits, primarily when searching for a quick solution, or something “near me”—whether it’s a cheeseburger craving or the status of an Uber. 

And since so many “near me/micro-moment” searches occur around food, retail, and entertainment, it’s only natural for a prospective buyer to associate an adjacent For Sale sign with their new favorite neighborhood. Mason also refers to consumers making “big decisions in small moments,” like hiring contractors and even searching for jobs. 

And with jobs comes needing a place to live. 

Every real estate agent experiences these micro-moments through their buyers from time to time. You know how it goes: the buyer is quiet for weeks, only to suddenly firebomb your phone with a blitzkrieg of texts about a listing you’ve probably already shown them. 

You have no choice but to acquiesce. However, there are subtle tactics you can take to hamper the pace of your buyers’ micro-moments. 

Enter: video texting. 

Late this summer, LionDesk introduced a feature that lets users send and track video texts from within your account. 

This sleek innovation arms agents with another form of communication to be wielded in a number of ways. 

They are great for marketing, of course, but we’ll address that in other articles. Let’s instead look at how video texting can help you wrestle back control of an overly show-happy buyer. 

We love traditional texts and their rapid-fire immediacy, but they are no doubt augmenting our buyers’ need-to-see-it-now proclivities. 

For harried agents in the midst of serving another client or heck, spending time with their family, the incessant alerts and broken-dam-gush of texts can turn a buyer’s micro-moments into a returned lob of micro-aggressions. 

Next time, respond with a video text from within LionDesk. 

First, it will slow you down, helping you think about crafting the most effective response to address their need. 

The best part is that LionDesk keeps your messages to under 20 seconds. 

If you don’t think that’s long enough to fully communicate something important, try standing in front of a crowd silently for that amount of time, or watching 20 seconds of CSPAN. A lot can be said in that time. (And not said.) 

By saying more, you can write less. It also helps the buyer know they’ve been heard. The mere action of committing time to video will demonstrate to your buyer that you have heard them and are there to help. 

Your customer service Karma will pile up. 

Psychologists, linguists, and professional communicators everywhere are quick to cite the pejorative impact of today’s web-based, faceless discourse. It’s become a serious concern. 

Video combines the impact of both visual and audio communication, a benefit that can’t be understated. Just ask Harvard Business Review. 

Through video, your buyer will absorb facial expressions and tonal mannerisms and thus, find more value in what you’re telling them; they’ll hear what you’re saying, as opposed to merely reading it. 

We admit that video messaging is certainly another form of such digital outreach, and that no form of electronic communication can replace an in-person smile and a handshake. 

Nevertheless, video texting in LionDesk succeeds at putting a face with a name and more importantly, a face with a solution. 

And it only takes 20 seconds. 


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