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Discover My 6 Proven Texts To Increase Your Conversion!

I remember when the first iPhone came out. I was so excited to have a mini computer with me at all times. I waited in line to get the first iPhone the first year and I was amazed at how powerful it was. It literally changed the way I approached my real estate business and when iMessaging was released the iPhone slowly became the “goto” phone for all businesses.

The iPhone changed the way that other phones were made and thus changed the way we use phones to communicate. Before the iPhone made it easier to text information and communicate seamlessly through the phone we would have to communicate via PAGERS, a lot more email and actually calling people.

According to the PEW Research Center 81% of Americans text regularly and About 50% of adults between 18-24 say text conversations are just as meaningful as a phone call according to Experian Marketing. Experian also tells us that Adults 25-34 send and receive over 75 texts a day.

Why does this matter? Well…according to NAR 34% of recent buyers are Gen Y (1980 – 1998). That means that this age range loves to text and views texting as one of their primary forms of communication. Gen Y and most of Gen X guard their time by texting back and forth with others. Texting allows them to respond when they want to and allows them to control the time it takes in comparison to a phone call.

Before you start texting your clients and leads be sure to abide by the rules that the FCC has set in place by clicking here.  So now that we got that all out of the way here’s the good stuff. I’ve obviously been texting clients for a long time now. I love using emojis and I love texting my clients great properties. Here is where I use texting when it comes to leads. Open house leads, online leads (Google, Facebook, Portal leads etc…), Past Clients, Sphere and other sources as well.

Below are the 6 texts I use to help me convert at a higher level. I put commentary after the texts so you can understand the mindset of why and how I am sending the texts.

For incoming online buyer leads

Hi “Buyer”, this is Tristan Ahumada with KW Realty, thank you for visiting my website through Facebook! I’d like to send you some listings that I think you’ll like. Do you have something specific in mind, such as a certain part of town or price range?

Whether the lead comes from Facebook, Google PPC, your website, or any other source that ended up on your site it’s important to acknowledge where they came from so the buyer is aware that they clicked on something to get to your site. This is probably the longest text I send out, but it also engages most of the buyers that come in looking for homes. Ask your Broker before using any of these texts to make sure it fits their model.

For incoming online seller leads

Hey “Seller”, I just got your email about your home value. I’ll be putting together a quick home value for you, but I need to know if you’ve upgraded your home in any way. Please let me know.

I’ve tried so many different responses with seller leads and this definitely is one of the best texts to a possible seller. It tells the seller that you are working to get their value and you need their help. It pushes the seller to give you a response so that you can start the dialogue

For Open House leads after they leave (Video text works great for this one)

Thanks for visiting my open house on “123 Palm St” I’ve attached a picture below. Can you tell me what you didn’t like about the home? My seller is looking for some critical feedback 😳.

I prefer sending a video text either by using my phone and sending a simple video or using BombBomb to track when the video was opened and how many times it’s viewed. The purpose of this text is to re engage a buyer that you may never talk to again by asking them for their help. You aren’t asking them to be your client, you are simply asking them to help you with your current seller. People love to help others too and once you get them texting you back and forth you start becoming familiar to them and you can ask them deeper questions about what they’re looking for if you weren’t able to lock them in during the open house.

 After you hang up with a NEW lead

Hi “Seller/Buyer” thanks for taking the time to talk to me. I understand how to better help you now. I forgot to ask you one thing. What is the most important thing you are looking for when working with a real estate agent?

Often times a lead gets bombarded by lots of real estate agents calling. I’ve noticed that the lead remembers my name more if I text them once I hang up with them on the first call. In the text I make sure to include my name and I ask an important question to re-engage them and keep the conversation going.

After a listing appointment (Video text works great for this one too)

Wife and Husband, I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me about your concerns and your expectations. I forgot to mention that I spoke to my termite guy and they are ready to inspect your home for free. This way we are better prepared for when you put it on the market. When can he can over?

I purposefully leave this out of the listing presentation so that I have this “carrot” I can hang over them. This leaves it open for them to text me back and communicate back with me.

The Nudge (Used 15 – 30 minutes after buyer lead has been texted and you’ve had no response)

Please let me know so that I can send you the right homes.

This is my favorite text, by far! I was using a shortened version of this: “Please let me know”, but I changed it to make it longer and more specific. I have been getting better responses with this. I find the reason most people don’t respond to an initial text is because they aren’t in a position to respond due to work, meeting or just life in general. My experience has shown that a gentle nudge does the trick, it reminds them that they have a text that they haven’t responded to.


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