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Secrets from a Top Agent: How to Use an Online Lead Process for Massive Success

It’s no secret our industry is awash in online leads. But how can agents turn those leads into real opportunities? Our latest webinar with Lab Coat Agents features realtor, Brittiny Howard of the B Group and Supreme Realtors, sharing her best practices for turning online leads into sales. Read on to learn more about her successful methods as discussed with Tristian and Randy Carroll of Chime. For more insights and the full webinar recording click here.

Take online leads offline to convert. Brittiny and her team have a process for managing leads from their three main online sources (Zillow, Facebook, and portal), but the initial step may surprise you. Once a lead comes in, Brittiny picks up the phone and calls the lead immediately. The goal is to get in front of the prospective client right away and make a face-to-face connection – even if that face-to-face is done virtually.

Put all your leads into a CRM system. A CRM system is your friend. Previously, Brittiny had analysis paralysis; she was spending too much time trying to make sense of her leads and segment them accordingly. Today, Brittiny and her team use Chime to nurture and close leads. She loves the Chime system because it is incredibly user friendly and has great user interface that enables easy plug and play data to get what she needs. Plus, the autodialer and AI capabilities built into Chime are huge advantages saving both time and valuable resources. As part of her successful process, Brittiny’s leads automatically populate into Chime which ensure she and her team can quickly nurture and convert them into sales.

Old leads aren’t dead leads. As Brittiny has continued to grow her business her database has grown too.  Just because a lead wasn’t ready to buy when she first started out doesn’t mean they aren’t ready now. Retargeting is a proven strategy that can uncover new opportunities from existing leads and deliver a successful response rate. She maintains a constant drip campaign to ensure potential clients are kept in the loop and experience regular contact from her and her team.

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