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Secrets to Higher Conversion

In our recent webinar with Lab Coat Agents, we were thrilled to welcome successful agent Mike Urban to discuss the “secrets to conversion”.  Mike serves clients in both Pennsylvania and Massachusetts and credits Facebook, innovative technology from Chime, and his high value, personalized approach to targeted outreach as lynchpin to conversion success.  Here are some highlights of the conversation:

  • Retargeting for Success– By relying on Chime’s Dynamic Ads for Facebook, Mike consistently executes retargeting as part of his marketing strategy to customize ads based on lead behaviors. By optimizing the process, Chime has delivered more intent focused buyers and sellers, ensuring a higher conversion rate.  Mike also consistently engages leads with high-value content including Chime’s weekly market reports and/or relevant property listings and keeps himself top of mind among potential buyers and sellers with personal calls and texts to ask important questions about their buying/selling journey.   
  • Video is King – To stand out among the deluge of information available, Mike also relies heavily on video ads to build mindshare and differentiate from his competitors, adding that content should either be educational or entertaining in nature.  Otherwise, you quickly become part of the “noise.”
  • Buyers are Sellers Too – Contrary to popular belief, Mike contends that the best seller leads are buyers who have a home to sell themselves!  He asserts that nearly every buyer is a homeowner and will need to sell in order to buy.  Once engaged with a seller, he proactively takes the opportunity to flip the conversation and find out more about their current home, neighborhood, why they chose that house in the first place, etc.  Experience has taught him that most folks are quick to share more information.  Armed with this insight, Mike is in a better position to not only find a new home for his client but help sell their current home – maximizing the opportunities for conversion. 
  • Heard it from a Friend – As every good agent knows, when a client has a positive buying or selling experience, they are likely to refer you among their own network. As a result of one positive transaction, you have the opportunity to find out more about your clients’ sphere of influence and how you can best serve their friends and family.  Chances are the next time anyone asks for an agent recommendation, you will be top of mind.  Mike has consistently witnessed one lead multiply into many!
  • One Lead at a Time – While some agents cast a wide net and regularly pursue thousands of leads, Mike contends the more lucrative opportunity lies in a targeted approach, nurturing the leads you already have for better conversion! By focusing on 1-2 leads and diving deep to keenly understand what they want in a new home, where they want to live, what neighborhood is most desirable, what their family needs and priorities are – he is better able to more successfully find the right property for his clients. Mike has built a successful, sustainable business in both regions by effectively nurturing and converting one lead at a time.

Through targeted, personal outreach to buyers and sellers alike, Mike builds immediate connection and trust among leads, ensuring a positive experience and as a result, a recurring business model.   This unique approach, coupled with the help of Chime’s innovative IDX and retargeting strategy, has helped Mike effectively grow his business and uncover the secrets to conversion.  To learn more about how he has successfully grown his business, check out our webinar: Secrets To Higher Conversion Video


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