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Real Estate Trends for 2022

In our latest webinar with LCA, we welcomed Robert Lucido Jr., chief strategy officer with Lucido Global, one of the top producing KW Teams, to discuss real estate trends for 2022. His advice?  Focus on tech and teams.

Admittedly an advocate for the growing team model, Robert highlights the increasing importance of this approach as the number of agents skyrocket in the US.  And, as 41% of realtors admit keeping up with technology is their biggest challenge in the coming year, Robert shares his experience relying on innovative technology to support success in 2022 and beyond.

 Listen to the full webinar here.

Innovative Tech Imperative to Differentiate in Competitive Market

The real estate market has never been more competitive with over three million agents in the US today.  Unlike ever before, standing out from the crowd is the lynchpin to success. And with 97% of home buyers turning to the Internet in their search, your online presence is critical to securing new business. Without it, you are effectively surrendering to your competition. Building a powerful website, creating a meaningful social presence, and positioning yourself as a valued resource to your community will help you stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Meanwhile, NAR reports that while realtors admit CRM is a top tech tool they need to succeed, only 27% report using it daily.  Agents spend money, hand over fist, for leads yet resist the technology designed to effectively convert and monetize them. A powerful CRM provides an essential path to the settlement table and to be successful in 2022, you must invest the time and attention into using it to nurture your database and grow your business.

Robert and the team at Lucido Global rely on Chime. Within just 90 days, Chime produced 187% more agreements with an average price per agreement of $650,000, 34% higher than those on Lucido’s previous CRM.  Chime’s intuitive platform, innovative AI capabilities, and powerful API provide the functionality and integrations Lucido Global agents need to work smarter and generate more business.

Learn more about how Lucido Global has found success relying on Chime here.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Robert also firmly believes the team model is a differentiator. Today’s prospects want a “one-stop-shop” to ensure a seamless buying/selling process and have little tolerance for anything less.  They have higher expectations not only of the number of services an agent offers but the quality of service as well. The team model provides the infrastructure and built-in services, support, and resources needed to deliver comprehensive, white-glove service.  Meanwhile, a team environment absorbs a lion’s share of associated risk, arming an agent with all the tools necessary to effectively identify, nurture and convert leads while minimizing individual risk.

Working in a team, committed to using innovative technology, also helps to maximize the value of an agents’ time. For example, relying on Chime’s integrated smart dialers, flexible Smart Plans, and intuitive AI Assistant, Lucido Global has eliminated more than 40% of labor-intensive, manual processes, recouping valuable time and ensuring agents stay focused on revenue-generating activities.  As the team continues to expand, Chime is making it possible for Lucido Global to gain greater market share in an increasingly competitive market and maintain its strong foothold as a leader in the real estate industry.

In the coming year, it’s more important than ever to differentiate, surrender to the power of innovative technology to help you do so, and consider the team approach to increase your business, minimize risk, and optimize your time. Leaning into a modern approach to real estate will help catapult you to the next level or leave you behind, in the wake of your forward-thinking competitors.

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