Jul 31, 2019 by - Hana LaRock

Real Estate Agents Overwhelmed By All the Social Media Options? Here’s What You Can Do

For many people, technology – and, social media in particular – is a blessing and a curse. While social media platforms allow business owners, such as real estate agents, an easy way to draw attention to what they’re doing and ultimately bring in more leads, the whole thing can seem rather daunting. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn…these are just a few of the platforms you could utilize. So, how can you be on social media without dedicated your life to it? 

After all, a lot of the work involves physically being present with your clients, yet, social media can help you get a majority of those clients in the first place.

Understand Which Platform is Used for What

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the social media options, the first thing you should do is learn a little more about each platform and what it’s intended purpose it. By understanding this more, you can have a better grasp on which platform is not only best for real estate agents, but best for you:

Facebook – Facebook is the king of all social media platforms, and has great built-in marketing tools to help you promote to a very specific audience, and then use those results to better target your ads in the future.

Instagram – Instagram is the place to go for videos and pictures, which at one time may not have made sense for a business, but these days, it’s perfect. This is especially true for real estate agents who have a visual business with marketing their listings, themselves, and their lifestyle.  

Twitter – Twitter is great for all types of content, and it’s where hashtags were born. It’s a good place to start a conversation and connect with like-minded individuals. Plus, you only have to squeeze what you want to say into a limited number of characters (which can actually be a little difficult). 

LinkedIn – If you want to build yourself as a professional brand, then LinkedIn is the place to do it.

Decide Your Goals

One way to eliminate some of the stress that comes with social media is to decide what your goals are and how social media can help you achieve those goals. For instance, if you’re already doing well, you’re the “go-to” agent in your community, and most people find to you by word of mouth, then social media may not be as necessary for you as it is for others. 

On the other hand, if you’re just getting into the business or you want to cater to a higher-paying market, then social media can help you achieve that. Whatever it is you want to do, see how social media can help you achieve it and keep that goal in mind when designing your social media strategy.

Narrow It Down to One or Two

Since each social media platform has a different purpose, you have to determine which platform is going to be best for your needs and goals, especially if you’re going to be the one putting the most time into it. A good strategy is to narrow it down to one or two platforms. It’s better to have two platforms that you are consistently working with instead of four which aren’t each getting the attention they need to meet a broader audience. As a real estate agent, it may be good to start with Facebook and Instagram. 

Take a Course

Not sure how to use social media to your benefit? Perhaps you have some familiarity with best posting and sharing practices, or how to create a Facebook ad. But, beyond that, you’re not clear on how you can really maximize this. In order to learn more – and, at a pace that’s not only easy to understand but considers your hours as a working professional – take an online course, join a webinar, or talk to someone with experience. LCA has tons of educational tools about using social media for real estate, which are worth looking into. 

Hire a Specialist to Help You

It’s one thing to narrow down the number of platforms you want to use and you know how to use each of them, it’s another thing to actually do what you need to do. This is why many real estate agents turn to a social media marketing specialist or an automation program that can take care of these tasks for you. These services don’t cost much, and when you see the results of their work, you’ll be glad you made the investment.


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