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Exactly How To Introduce Yourself As A Real Estate Agent

As a real estate professional, you may go by different names. And, this can become a bit nuanced when it comes to introducing yourself to potential clients.

Are you a Realtor? Are you a broker? Are you an agent? Or, are you all three? 

And, whatever it is you are, which is the best one to go as depending on who you are talking to? 

We’re going to get to the bottom of this today.

What Type of Real Estate Professional Are You?

Before you can decide what is the best way to introduce yourself as a real estate professional, you’ll have to be clear on your own credentials and where you stand compared to others in your field. Of course, you should always be confident in who you are and what you do, and don’t doubt yourself when you’re in the middle of introducing yourself to someone. 

However, being clear on the difference between a real estate agent, broker, and Realtor the first step. Having all these credentials doesn’t mean you should always introduce yourself as all three, but in some circumstances, it may be helpful to be able to check those off a list.

What Do You Normally Introduce Yourself As?

The best way to figure out how to introduce yourself is to think about what you feel most comfortable with, and what you normally introduce yourself as. If you usually say, “Hi, I’m so-and-so, a real estate agent”  then perhaps that’s what you should stick with. But, if you’re finding that your normal introduction is not bringing in leads, then it wouldn’t hurt to switch to an introduction that makes you appear more professional.

What Will Your Clients Understand?

You may know the difference between a real estate agent, broker, and REALTOR, but “Joe Schmo” that you met while waiting in line at the grocery store may have no idea. In fact, he may not even know anything besides the fact that someone in this industry helps people buy and sell homes. Even though your title may say a lot about your level experience, your interpersonal skills combined with not bragging will sometimes go much further. 

Therefore, you should be cautious when using certain lingo with them, and instead go for the introduction that will be the easiest to digest. You don’t even need to say, “real estate agent.” Instead, you can say that you are a “person who helps others find their dream home” or a “person who helps others sell their home fast.”

Get Creative in Your Title

There’s no rule that says you have to call yourself a real estate agent, a broker, or a REALTOR (though, you probably shouldn’t call yourself a REALTOR unless you’re a member of NAR). We talked to some members on Lab Coat Agents, and many had their own fun ways of introducing themselves to potential clients. You could say that you’re an “agent” and leave the person wondering more. Or, you could say you’re in the “real estate business.” Heck, you can even say that you’re a “real-estater” like John Seal’s daughter calls him an his wife! 

It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as you know your audience and you feel that your title encompasses who you are what you do. And, if you’re not one for talking much, you can always pull our your business card!

Whatever You Say, Pronunciation is Key

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter so much how you introduce yourself but that it resonates with the person you’re speaking to. Just remember that if you do decide to introduce yourself as a “Realtor” that you pronounce it “Real-tor” and not “Real-i-tor.”!

Example Real Estate Agent Introductions

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