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— by Shon Kokoszka

The Psychology of Selling – Moving Your Client Along the Path to Saying Yes

Every Real Estate agent on LabCoat Agents has heard the saying that 20 percent of salespeople make 80 percent of all the sales. Do you ever wonder why that is? It might be easy to assume that they just work harder, have more talent, or have better luck, but the truth is they are using the right techniques for success. Below, I will explain why so many salespeople fail to move their prospects into a mindset that allows them to offer something of value. Without creating a need, the best salesperson in the industry won’t transition a prospect into a client.

It’s important to start by recognizing that you have something of value to offer the prospect. Since most Real Estate agents have never had any formal sales training, they might not realize that success has to start with them. Not every prospect can be helped by our services, and qualifying the opportunity must precede any other aspect of the sale. We are not trying to “trick” someone into using our services, we offer something of value and our goal is to move the prospect into a state of mind where they will listen to our offer with an open mind and determine for themselves if they agree that we offer them a valuable service.

Once you have a qualified prospect, then you can begin to use the Psychology of Selling tools to create an environment that will move that prospect to a client.


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