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— by Dale Archdekin

The Difference Between ISAs and OSAs

In a text message and social media world, acronyms baffle and evolve faster than users can keep up, but it shouldn’t be so in the real estate world.

Then what is the difference between ISAs and OSAs?  Surely not just one letter.  Ask most people in the real estate industry how they differentiate between Inbound Sales Associates (ISAs) and Outbound Sales Associates (OSAs), and you’ll see that this FAQ is met with a shrug and an IDK, because most teams don’t differentiate WTF the roles of ISAs and OSAs entail.  Alright, enough with the acronyms.

Let’s explore the often confusing use of the term ISA and OSA within the world of inside sales for real estate teams.

Defining the Roles of ISAs and OSAs

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