May 13, 2019 by - Hana LaRock

Post-Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Real Estate Mom in Your Life

Mother’s Day has just passed. If you haven’t had time to buy a gift yet for that real estate mom in your life, then this gift guide should help! Getting a gift that says you’re appreciative not only of this woman’s role as a mother but as a hardworking, kick-ass real estate agent, is the best of both worlds. After all, it’s not easy being a real estate agent AND a mom. For many mothers, that’s two full-time jobs right there!

If you need some guidance on what to buy for Mother’s Day (and, you want to make sure the package arrives in time) start shopping for one of these gifts now!

This Perfect Pandora Charm

Whether it’s getting clients into their dream home or keeping up with her own, this Home Sweet Home Pandora Charm is the perfect reminder to the real estate mom who treats her clients’ homes (or new homes) just as her own.

Price: $45

A Day at the Spa

Working as a real estate agent is stressful enough. Adding kids on top of that, whether they be young or fully grown, can make everyday seem like it blurs into the next. The real estate mom in your life, therefore, deserves a nice day at the spa. Book her an appointment or get her a gift card for one. Or, look on Groupon for discount options in your area.

Price: $25+

A Kindle Paperwhite

Most real estate agents have iPads or tablets to work more efficiently. Yet, sometimes, it’s good to put all the work away once you get home. If the real estate mom in your life wants to settle down at the end of the night without having to worry about getting notifications from work, a Kindle Paperwhite will do the trick.

Price: $109 ($40 savings with Mother’s Day deal!)

A Family Photoshoot

Most real estate agents have had headshots and photoshoots to enhance their business. The real estate mom in your life probably has tons of photos of herself and of the houses she’s trying to list. But, what she may not have enough of is photos of her family to put on her desk. For Mother’s Day this year, consider gifting her a family photo shoot!

Price: $50+

A Self-Stirring Mug

For the real estate mom who not only enjoys – but, requires – her coffee in the morning, a self-stirring mug can help her save loads of time. Or, if you want to really make her laugh, then she’ll love this very “encouraging” mug!

Price: $9.99

This Very True T-Shirt

Buying clothes for other people can be a bit of a hit-or-miss. But, this awesome t-shirt encompasses what a mom and what a real estate agent does on a regular basis, and she’d rock it.

Price: $15+

This Lovely Sign

Obviously, there doesn’t need to be a sign to express how awesome the real estate mom in your life is. Whether it’s her kids or her clients showing up for her, they know right away how special she is. But, if you want to make a statement loud and clear about how great she is at her job, then this beautiful sign will do the trick.

Price: $25


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