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How to Pay an Inside Sales Agent

We will jump into pay structures, but first What Are Inside Sales Agents (for those who don’t know)? 

Inside sales agents are the backbone of a successful real estate business. The vast majority of real estate transactions begin on the phone. This means that all the effort and skill that goes into nailing those listing appointments, finding properties for buyers, and actually selling homes is all for nothing if you don’t have effective people successfully setting up appointments on the phone.  

This is why inside sales agents are so critical. They allow your agents to do what they do best, and allow you to grow your business without constantly being in the trenches every day. But for this to work, you need good people. And to get good people, you have to have a competitive compensation model that provides incentives, motivation, and opportunities for your inside sales agents.  

Inside sales agents are sales professionals whose job it is to reach out to leads, introduce them to your company’s brand and the value you offer to clients, and, finally, to set appointments for your real estate agents. They are the front line of your real estate company and it is their responsibility to keep a steady flow of new business coming in through the door.  

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What NOT to do 

Before we get to the most effective way to compensate your inside sales agent, let’s discuss the way that is less effective and that you should avoid.






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