Feb 06, 2019 by - Hana LaRock

Why It’s Okay to Say You’re In Real Estate for the $

Has anyone ever asked you why you decided to get into real estate? Did you feel kind of uncomfortable saying that you did it for the money? Many times, real estate agents or people in similar professions in terms of flexibility and income range may not want to be so brutally honest about their answer to this question. For some reason, there’s a stigma attached to anyone who does their job ultimately for the cash, and agents might feel pressured into making up another reason as to why they got into the field.

But, there are many reasons why you should tell the truth about your incentive for becoming a real estate agent. And, here’s why:

We all have to work

The only reason a person ever gets a job is because they need money to pay their bills and to save for the future. If none of us needed money, then most of us wouldn’t work. Yes, you can argue that people have additional motives for getting into a job or career they are passionate about. But, that’s usually because we know that if you may “choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life” but, if that job makes you good money, then that makes it even better. There’s nothing shameful about working to make money, and there’s also nothing shameful about wanting to make more of it.

Working in real estate provides a way out (or up)

Too many people work dead-end jobs just to live paycheck to paycheck. Their life is just about working and typically, these people spend a lot of time wondering what their life would be like if they didn’t work like they did. Working in real estate – a job that doesn’t necessarily require a degree – can truly be a life changer. Many people get into real estate for the sole reason that it provides them with a way out of their current situation, or a way up in terms of improving their work/life balance. If your life improved in some way just by getting into real estate, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that.

Who doesn’t want financial freedom?

When those working in real estate say that they do it for the money, what they often mean is that they do it for the financial freedom. And, this doesn’t just go for people who invest in real estate, but also Realtors, agents, and brokers. No matter which way you look at it, real estate provides an opportunity for people to essentially work as they please, with direct rewards for those who are willing to put in more work. When many jobs and careers expect people to put in more work for less pay and no overtime, real estate can give people a better life overall.

Because that’s the truth

If working in real estate means a chance for you to live in a nicer house (at least as nice as the ones you sell), a chance to afford better clothing, more opportunities for your kids, more family vacations, and just peace of mind, then why wouldn’t someone do it for the money? It’s not as if you aren’t working hard for all of these things, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about reaping the benefits.

What to consider

Even if your number one reason for becoming an agent is for the money, it’s crucial that you don’t make this so obvious to your clients. While you may have the monetary motivation, you also need to serve your clients’ needs and they’ll want you to serve those needs above anything else. A client will have no problem being able to tell what your motives are, and if they get the hint that you’re only in it for the money (their money), they may decide to look elsewhere for business.


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