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Never Lose Listing Leads To The Competition Again

With the help of certain tools and systems, real estate professionals can take steps to guarantee the long-term loyalty of past clients and earn the future business of their current prospects.

As a real estate agent, there are few things more painful than losing a lead that you spent money generating and time nurturing to another agent, or worse, discovering that a past client just went ahead and listed the very house you sold them a few years earlier with another agent.

If this has ever happened to you, you likely found yourself wondering what caused you to lose that lead or what you could have done differently to keep that past client loyal or secure that new prospect’s business. 


This section might be hard to read, but unfortunately, there’s no good way to sugarcoat the fact that other real estate agents might simply be doing it better than you. 

Here are a few of the most common reasons that might be causing you to lose leads to competing agents. 

  • Other agents are nurturing better.

Let’s face it. Nurturing leads means playing the long game. It is tedious, time-consuming, requires you to be organized, skilled at multitasking, and have high attention to detail in order to do it right. Understandably, this is super challenging for many agents and it doesn’t take long for leads to get swept up by someone else who stays in touch more often than you do. 

  • Other agents communicate more relevant messaging.

If you’ve noticed your attempts to reach out by email or text have had little to no engagement, you might be communicating the wrong message. People don’t generally like being sold to and could start to perceive your messages as spam if you’re not being careful about ensuring your communications always add value to the reader. If another agent does a better job at communicating and offers more value in their content, you’ll likely get beat out. 

  • Other agents are doing better marketing. 

One of the main reasons you could be losing leads to other agents is simply because they do a better job of staying in front of people through their marketing efforts. Imagine being a seller and everywhere you look, the same real estate agent’s brand is ALWAYS front and center.  It would be a no-brainer to hire the agent you hear and see the most from and easily assume that they’re the best local real estate expert.

  • Other agents are giving better incentives. 

Finally, you could be losing leads because other agents are offering better services, tools, and incentives than you. If you had to choose between two real estate agents and one agent said they could do everything the other agent could do PLUS sell your house faster by using dynamic advertising to attract the most relevant local buyers while also providing you with personalized financial data about your home that you could use to build wealth; which agent would you choose?


Now, for the good news. 

You can avoid all these problems and free up a lot of your time simply by incorporating one integrated system into your business.

Ylopo has recently integrated with Homebot so as well as providing complete digital marketing solutions to agents with Ylopo, incorporating Homebot helps agents to both retain more repeat business and grow more referral business. Now, agents can offer their clients unique tools and benefits, encouraging their clients to view them as a trusted advisor and the single best source of real estate knowledge available.

Here are a few of the benefits the Ylopo and Homebot integration provides: 

  • High-engagement email nurture for your seller leads. 

With an average open rate of 50%, your communications via Ylopo and Homebot are consistent, effective, and extremely relevant to prospects and past clients. It’s a system crafted to deliver superior email nurture for your seller leads and give you more brand exposure and, ultimately, higher conversion rates. 

  • Dynamic remarketing & superior marketing tools.

Awaken your dead database automatically through remarketing on social media via real-time done-for-you dynamic video advertisements and dynamic listing alerts. In addition, Ylopo provides you with a multi-touch marketing strategy geared towards homeowners so your brand is everywhere, you’re never forgotten, and sellers will never be tempted to list with anyone else. 

  • Better long-term nurture tools.

Leverage the power of Ylopo’s advanced text-based AI ISA, RAIYA, to always be nurturing and engaging with your prospects, even when you’re personally unavailable. RAIYA can even set listing appointments.

  • Unbeatable seller benefits and incentives. 

Never lose another listing opportunity to the competition again with the help of Homebot’s world-class tools that simply can’t be passed up by sellers and aren’t being offered by other agents.

With the seller tools offered by Ylopo and Homebot you can provide your homeowners with:

  1. Personalized financial data about their properties

  2. Actionable tips and tricks to save them money and empower them to pay off their loans earlier.

  3. Individualized tools to help homeowners build wealth, track their equity, home value, and more.


With the help of Ylopo and Homebot you’re able to automate some of the most challenging aspects of your business and at the same time provide a superior experience for your seller prospects while continuing to maintain your relationships with past clients.

Getting started with Ylopo and Homebot is easy. Homebot is deeply integrated into Ylopo and available to Ylopo clients at no additional cost. Once you’re set up with Ylopo all you need to do to take advantage of everything Homebot has to offer is follow a few simple steps

Losing your valuable prospects and past clients to competitors could be a thing of the past. Get started by clicking here to learn more about Ylopo and Homebot. 

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