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Maximizing Your Real Estate Business: A Comprehensive CINC CRM Review

By now we all know that having a reliable lead generation & CRM platform is essential for agents and brokers to effectively generate and convert leads. Today we will break down one of the top lead generation & CRM platforms on the market, CINC (Commissions Inc.), cover costs and pricing tiers, pros & cons, as well as answer some frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents
1. Pros & Cons of Using CINC
2. Overview of CINC Features & Pricing
3. Comparison with Other Lead-Generation Platforms
4. Frequently Asked Questions
5. LabCoat Agents Special Offer For CINC

Pros and Cons of CINC Lead Generation & CRM Platform

Before diving into the specifics, let’s explore the pros and cons of this platform:


Advanced Online Lead Generation Platform:

CINC’s team of online advertising experts manage over $30MM in annual online advertising for real estate teams and agents on Google and Facebook. Taking advantage of both economies of scale and deep expertise in the real estate industry, CINC’s managed advertising service enhances lead quality, ensuring that you attract high-potential, targeted, hyper-local prospects who are more likely to convert into clients.

Guaranteed Sales Program:

CINC’s program provides teams and agents a risk-free return on their investment by guaranteeing closed transactions and sets them on a path to six figure earnings within 24 months of joining the program. Drawing on a decade of experience and tens of millions of leads delivered, CINC has built a proprietary Conversion Playbook that clearly explains what teams and agents must do to succeed.

Personalized IDX Website:

You’ll get a fully personalized IDX website that showcases your listings and provides a seamless user experience for potential buyers. This feature helps you establish a strong online presence and stand out from the competition when combined with follow up texts.

Grow your database with a conversion optimized IDX website provided by CINC.

The CINC websites are fast-loading, and easy to manage. Keep your focus on the activities that yield the highest productivity, rather than getting sidetracked by hosting, development, and other aspects that divert attention from your core business.

Comprehensive Training:

CINC provides extensive platform training to help you make the most of its features. From lead management to team collaboration, you’ll receive the guidance needed to navigate the CRM effectively and optimize your workflow. This is especially helpful if you are switching from a different platform, or simply want to learn how to maximize your efforts.

Efficient Team Management:

For brokerages or teams, CINC offers robust tools for team management and lead routing. You can assign leads to specific team members, track their progress, and ensure seamless collaboration, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

CINC allows you to pair leads with the right team member and boost production with intelligent team management.


Limited System Integrations on Solo Plan:

While they offer a range of integrations with popular real estate tools and platforms, some of these integrations are only available on higher-tier plans. If you opt for the Solo plan, you may encounter limitations in terms of third-party software compatibility. You can always contact their support team with any questions about integrations.

Ownership of Provided IDX Website:

It’s important to note that the IDX website provided by CINC is not owned by the user. While this may not be a significant concern for some agents, those who prefer full control over their online presence may find this aspect restrictive. It should also be noted that this is also the case with many website builders and CRMS.

Varying Pricing Based on Team Size and Market:

The pricing structure is tailored to accommodate different team sizes and markets. While this flexibility allows for scalability, it also means that pricing can vary significantly depending on your specific requirements, potentially making it less predictable for budgeting purposes.

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Overview of CINC Features and Pricing

CINC offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline lead generation, enhance customer relationship management, and optimize your real estate business. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features and pricing options available:

Online Lead Generation through Facebook and Google Ads

CINC’s lead generation capabilities are powered by targeted Facebook and Google ads. By using these proven platforms, you can reach a wider audience and attract potential buyers and sellers who are actively searching for real estate services. With CINC’s team of experts managing the ad spend for you, you don’t have to worry about constantly monitoring or making edits. With hyper-local targeting, CINC delivers highly-qualified leads right to your team.

Real Estate CRM

Whether you’re starting a fresh database or importing existing contacts, CINC’s customer relationship management (CRM) solution makes lead management simple. The CRM platform helps you nurture and manage leads from one central database, prioritizing your energy. Once leads are added, CINC can automatically route leads to the right agent, begin drip campaigns, and more. Additional mobile features let teams and agent access all their contacts from anywhere.

IDX Consumer Websites

CINC helps you grow your database by providing conversion optimized IDX Websites. The sites are highly configurable allowing you to adjust layout elements, branding, and more. They also give users a fast-loading website experience that optimized for mobile, desktop, and tablet users. The easy management allows teams and agents to not have to worry about hosting, development, and other distractions typically associated with website management.

AI-Powered Automations & Communication Tools

CINC makes it easy to connect with leads via their phone dialer, video chat, texting, email drips and more. CINC’s behavioral messaging and conversational AI tools allow you to automatically nurture and engage back-and-forth with leads moments after they perform and action on your website. Once a lead is ready, the system makes sure to alert and route the lead to the right agent (even for the largest of teams).

CINC AI – available as an optional add-on – uses conversational AI to engage and nurture your leads on your behalf.

Premium White-Glove Service, Support & Training

CINC’s US-based training and support gives you a community, live events, and masterminds that help teams and agents grow. CINC’s live training sessions work so well that agents typically see 30-40% live conversation-to-booked meeting rates from CINC leads. CINC’s US-based client support team is available 6 days a week by phone, email, or chat.

Four Plan Options: Solo, Ramp, Pro, and Select

CINC offers four different plan options to cater to the varying needs and budgets of real estate professionals.

Solo Plan:

Ideal for individual agents or small teams, the Solo plan provides essential CRM features, lead management tools, and a personalized IDX website. While it may have some limitations in terms of system integrations, it offers a solid foundation for lead generation and client management. Again, you will want to check with their support if you have any questions about 3rd-party software integrations.

Even if the integration you are looking for is not available, using tools like Zapier can resolve most issues.

Ramp Plan:

Designed for growing teams, the Ramp plan includes advanced features such as team management tools, lead routing capabilities, and additional integrations. This plan is suitable for brokerages or teams looking to scale their operations and improve collaboration.

Pro Plan:

The Pro plan offers an enhanced set of features, including advanced reporting and analytics, custom branding options, and priority support. This plan is well-suited for established brokerages or teams that require more robust CRM functionalities and dedicated support.

Select Plan:

The Select plan is the most comprehensive option, providing access to all the advanced features and add-ons offered by CINC. This plan is tailored for large brokerages or teams with complex operations and high-volume lead generation requirements.

Pricing Varies Based on Team Size and Market

CINC pricing typically starts at $1,299 per month for teams and $899 per month for solo agents. With all that being said, their pricing structure is based on the size of your team and the market you operate in. As team sizes and market conditions can vary significantly, CINC offers customized pricing plans to ensure that you only pay for the features and resources you need. While this flexibility allows for scalability, it’s important to carefully evaluate your requirements and budget to determine the most suitable plan for your business.

To get pricing for your business, schedule a CINC Demo with the links at the end of the article. You can schedule a live demo, or we’ll send you the recorded version!

It’s important to remember, regardless of the plan you choose, all CINC users gain access to the core all-in-one lead generation & CRM platform features, including managed online lead generation, IDX consumer website, core CRM, automations, communication tools, and more.

Additionally, CINC offers the CINC Seller Suite, which provides advanced features specifically tailored for sellers, such as automated home valuation tools, listing presentation templates, and marketing resources.

Additional Add-ons like CINC AI and Auto-Dialer

Add-ons like CINC AI, an artificial intelligence-powered tool that provides insights and recommendations to optimize lead conversion and overall business performance. Another add-on is the auto-dialer feature, which enables agents to make multiple calls quickly and efficiently, saving time and increasing productivity.

Comparison with Other Lead-Generation Platforms

When it comes to lead generation in the real estate industry, there are several platforms available, each with its own set of features and benefits. In this section, we will compare CINC with two other popular lead-generation platforms: BoldLeads and HubSpot

Comparison with BoldLeads

Like CINC, BoldLeads offers lead generation through targeted ads on platforms like Facebook and Google. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms.

In terms of features, both CINC and BoldLeads provide advanced lead management tools and CRM capabilities. However, CINC stands out with its personalized IDX website included in the package, which can enhance the agent’s online presence and branding.

Comparison with HubSpot

One key difference is the target audience. While CINC is specifically designed for real estate agents and brokerages, Hubspot caters to businesses of all types and sizes. This means that Hubspot provides a more generalized solution, whereas CINC offers industry-specific features and tools tailored to the unique needs of real estate professionals.

CINC stands out here with its ability to generate leads through targeted ads on platforms like Facebook and Google. You can start off with a free $3,000 online lead generation by signing up today. All you have to do is request a brief introduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of your frequently asked questions about CINC and its suitability for real estate professionals.

How much does CINC cost per month?

Pricing typically starts at $1,299 per month for teams and $899 per month for solo agents. With all that being said, their pricing structure is based on the size of your team and the market you operate in. As team sizes and market conditions can vary significantly, CINC offers customized pricing plans to ensure that you only pay for the features and resources you need. While this flexibility allows for scalability, it’s important to carefully evaluate your requirements and budget to determine the most suitable plan for your business.

What is CINC good for?

It is particularly well-suited for lead generation, lead management, and overall business operations. Between the personalized IDX website and targeted ad capabilities, CINC can help agents reach a wider audience, capture high-quality leads, and efficiently manage their client relationships.

Is CINC a good way to get new clients?

Yes, CINC can be an effective way to generate new clients in the real estate industry. Take a look at some of our case studies below and see for yourself!

From $9 million to $100 Million: Alabama KW Broker’s CINC Story

How CINC Helps the Miller Team Thrive in Northeast Florida Market

How CINC and Rokrbox Helped This AZ Team Find Greater Success with Online Leads

Is it worth paying for real estate leads?

Of course it is, if you have a positive ROI! What’s important is that if you are spending money on advertising, you should have a system and database in place to manage, sort, and follow up with your leads. CINC does this at a high-level.

Watch CINC CEO Alvaro Erize’s recent webinar with LabCoat Agents’ CEO Tristan Ahumada on “Online Real Estate Lead Gen ROI”

Get $3,000 In Free Ad Spend & Guaranteed Sales for New Clients

One of the key strengths of CINC is its scalability. With four different plan options, CINC can accommodate the needs of individual agents, small teams, medium-sized teams, and larger brokerages. This scalability allows businesses to grow and adapt their lead-generation strategies as their operations expand.

Request a demo today and when you sign up, you’ll get $3,000 in ad spend and guaranteed sales to kick off your lead generation.


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