May 22, 2019 by - Michael Hellickson

The Lost Art of Personal Notes

Do you remember the last time you received a personal note? Maybe it was a Birthday card from a friend or a Get Well card from your office. Remember how it made you feel that someone took the time to do that for you? A personal note has a powerful impact on people.

Writing personal notes is becoming a lost art in the business. However, it is the cheapest, most effective way to dial in your Sphere of Influence. So why aren’t agents taking advantage of this?

To get the biggest return on your investment, follow this easy-to-use system on how to make a profit with personal handwritten notes. It’s easy, fast, and requires just a few minutes a day.

How often should I write a personal note?

5 personal handwritten notes a day

25 personal handwritten notes per week

That sounds like a lot, however, your assistant can help you with this.

The 5 Step System for Personal Notes:

  1. Address the envelopes to those 5 people daily (or have your assistant do this part).
  2. Your assistant tells you whom to write personal notes to.
  3. Your assistant will put the notes on your desk.
  4. You write the note and put it back in the envelope.
  5. Your assistant will make sure the appropriate postage is on there and mail it off.

How to Write the Notes

  • Choose a nice envelope.
  • Make sure that it is handwritten.
  • Use a first class stamp
  • Handwrite your return address
  • Use a blue ink, broad tip pen.
  • Write 3-5 lines.
  • End with your own unique close.
  • Day, date, time and location of where you wrote the note goes in the upper right corner.

Who should you write a personal note?

Send notes to other agents, vendors, lenders, clients, and anybody that you can think of that will help you build your business and brand.

What to write?

3-5 lines is all you need to write. Here is a sample to get you started

Hi Randy,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for stopping by my client event yesterday at 123 Main Street. I hope you enjoyed the BBQ and pool party. I look forward to working with you soon.

Make it a World Class day!
Michael Hellickson

Handwriting personal notes doesn’t have to be a lost art and is actually a very efficient and effective way to get a high ROI (return on investment) for your business.

Start writing your personal notes today (5 a day!) so you may also deepen the relationship with your client every single time.


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