Jun 06, 2017 by - Tristan Ahumada

Landing Pages Are Dead, Facebook Lead Ads Win

Yes, landing pages as we know them are dead. If you haven’t been on Lab Coat Agents for a while then you haven’t seen how amazing Facebook Lead Ads has been for the real estate agents using it. I’ve been a huge advocate of FB Lead Ads since early 2016 and as Facebook has tweaked it its only gotten better! Let’s start off by explaining to you what a FB lead ad is! In the last few months the talks about this have escalated quickly and we are seeing a lot more agents play with this amazing product. The last Lab Coat Agents webinar we did about Facebook had over 1000 people watching live, if you missed it make sure to catch it here – Masters of Facebook.

A Facebook lead ad, in its simplest form, is a landing page made by Facebook that auto populates the leads information from Facebook’s database! Why is this important?

Well, let’s go back to the old way, which 90% of real estate agents are still using and isn’t working that well anymore because it’s so saturated with ads and clients have caught on. The old way has a landing page which gives the client the responsibility of filling out the form on their own. This enhances the chances that the person inputting the information will lie about their name, cell phone, and email address.

Here’s the practicality about lead ads. Most people on Facebook put their real phone number, email address and name into it. Which in turn benefits us because Facebook then populates that information into their lead ad forms for us! So now instead of being lead to an empty form after you click on an ad on Facebook, you are led to a form with pre-filled information, like in the pic below. 

There isn’t anything amazing about the ads being run, each state has it’s own rules about what you can add or not add in regards to real estate, so before you go out and create your own ads make sure you know the rules. The one ad below is from my YLOPO account that they created for me. It’s simple and to the point, it offers clients a way to search for homes.

There are a handful of companies that I know out there that help agents with lead ads. Ylopo, Commissions Inc, Elevated REM, and Pro.AgentZip.com all help out with Facebook Leads in different capacities!


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