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Is Direct Mail Dead?

In an era of online sales and marketing, direct mail is often thought of as an outdated lead gen technique. Most businesses focus solely on paid ads, social media, and email marketing, which begs the question: is direct mail dead? The answer might surprise you: for real estate agents, direct mail remains as important as ever. It offers a way to forge personal connections that digital methods often lack, helping agents stand out in a crowded market.

Don’t believe us? Let’s look at the numbers:

  • High Response Rate: Direct mail boasts a response rate of 2.7% to 4.4%, significantly surpassing email’s 0.6%.
  • Personal Connection: More than 70% of Gen X consumers and 54% of all consumers find direct mail more personal than digital communications.
  • High Open Rates: While email open rates hover around 23%, direct mail can achieve up to a 90% open rate.
  • Readership: Over 40% of recipients take the time to read the direct mail they receive.
  • Trust Factor: A majority (56%) of consumers believe print marketing, including direct mail, to be the most trustworthy form of advertising.

What Makes an Effective Mailer?

If you want to succeed with direct mail, make sure your mail pieces don’t get lost in the “junk” pile. To execute an effective mailer campaign, start by making a “PACT” with your audience—make your mailers personalized, actionable, concise, and targeted. Here’s exactly what that means:

  • Personalized: Include your name, face, and contact information. Tailor each piece to address the recipient’s name and specific situation.
  • Actionable: Provide a clear, easy call to action, such as a single trackable QR code that simplifies the response process and reduces the effort required to connect.
  • Concise: Keep your message straightforward and to the point, ensuring it communicates value without overwhelming the reader.
  • Targeted: Ensure your mailers are directed at specific market segments and tailor messages to each unique audience.

Targeting the Right Audience

Choosing the best audience for your direct mail campaigns is crucial. Your target audience should have a clear intent or need for real estate services. Your primary audience should be the 4% of homeowners who are most likely to buy or sell soon:

  • Expired Listings: Owners frustrated with their unsold properties.
  • For Sale By Owners (FSBOs): Homeowners attempting to sell without an agent.
  • For Rent By Owners (FRBOs): Landlords with vacant properties and active investors.
  • GeoLeads: Potential clients in specific geographic areas, filtered by demographic criteria such as years home owned, income, equity, etc. 

Targeting these audiences makes it easy to craft a clear, direct message in your mailers with your real estate expertise as the optimal solution to their needs. 

Providing Value Through Every Piece of Mail

Your mailers should always offer something valuable—what we call AIM: actionable and informative mailers. This means each mailer offers advice, steps, or solutions that your audience can actually implement to solve their problem or speak to their needs. Here are some examples:

  • For Expired Listings: Provide reasons why homes don’t sell with actionable steps they can take.
  • For FSBOs: Offer insights into how working with an agent could simplify their selling process and secure a better deal.
  • For FRBOs: Highlight the advantages of diversifying a portfolio, doing a 1031 exchange, or cashing out on an unprofitable rental property.
  • GeoLeads: Highlight the top motivating factors for people in your selected demographic. For example, “Top 10 Places to Retire in 2024, How to Make Your Equity Work for You, Top 5 Cities to Invest in Real Estate, Best Areas to Raise a Family in 2024.” 

Once they’ve seen the mailer and are interested in the value you’re offering, it’s okay to redirect them to a convenient digital format to offer value. A simple QR code is an effective, modern way to instantly connect your audience to valuable content. Some QR codes will also notify you any time someone scans your mailer. As soon as they scan, the QR code should direct them to a PDF, white paper, or digital checklist with actionable, informative content. This way, your audience will have something to “take with them” and think about, even after they put down the mailer. 

Tools to Simplify Direct Mail

It’s obvious that direct mail is still effective, especially with the right strategy and messaging. But direct mail still takes time, money, and mental energy to create and send. That’s why having the right tools at your fingertips is just as important as the mail you send. Here are the top direct mail tools you need to streamline your direct mail process:

  • Qualified Leads: As we already know, direct mail is only effective when sent to the right audience. REDX can provide you with accurate homeowner information and robust demographic filtering tools, so you know that your mailers are going to exactly the right audience.  
  • Mail Merge (FREE): If you’re a REDX customer, Vortex (REDX’s Lead Management System) will automatically populate a pre-written script for your mailers. Each lead type has at least one pre-written script that was carefully crafted by industry-leading experts. You can even personally brand each mailer so the receivers know it came from you or your office. Mail Merge also has label templates to print names and addresses directly on label stickers from inside their platform.  

It’s Time to Start Mailing

Investing in direct mail as a real estate agent can yield significant returns, particularly when the campaigns are well-planned and executed with precision. By focusing on personalization, targeting the right audience, and always providing value, your direct mail can drive results, build trust, and create lasting client relationships. The data and success stories make it clear: direct mail remains a powerful tool in the real estate industry.

About REDX

REDX offers real estate professionals a complete all-in-one prospecting platform for generating listing appointments. The platform includes seller leads, a dialer with up to three lines, and a lead management tool for simple follow-up. REDX maintains the position that all agents should be compliant with state and federal telecom laws – learn more here.



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