Aug 31, 2018 by - Nancy Chu

Reflecting on the Intimacy of Home Sales

The sale and purchase of a home is, if nothing else, an incredibly personal and intimate experience. This is often a transference of real property, but also a passing of the torch in a manner of speaking. Every house carries with it an energy and history – the pencil marks on the doorframe that mark the passing of years as a child grows and matures… the counter where grandma mashed potatoes for every Thanksgiving over the past 15 years…the corner of the hall where the baby took a magic marker to your freshly painted wall. Years of memories, both positive and challenging, all imbued with love and hope into the 4 walls of every room within. 


That being said, the sale of a home is also a monetary transaction – an exchange of money for goods – in this case, exterior physical walls and all the pieces and parts in between for cash. For the Buyer, this is often the most important purchase in the life of a young family. For the Seller on the other hand, a successful sale could mean the difference between a safe retirement, or the looming fear of financial struggle to come in the twilight years. Both of these circumstances are too important to both parties, financial and emotionally, to be taken lightly. 

Given this precarious balance of practical housing need and the emotional desire for the transference of a HOME in the true sense of the word, I would encourage all those who buy and sell to find the most human approach to the experience – to walk a mile in another’s proverbial shoes, so to speak. Offers to purchase made in generosity, negotiations in good faith and a little understanding of the predicaments of the other side. Transactions born of positive beginnings result in the strongest sense of belonging and satisfaction.  

For those of us, the Realtors, the ones who hold the keys and the hands of these Buyers and Sellers, we know this by heart – both the anticipation of the next decade of child birthday parties in the yard and the anxiety of each ticking minute of an open house. We watch our clients splay open their chests and reveal their hearts, hopes & dreams. It is VITAL that each of us remember what an amazing honor and privilege it is to be the conduit to the next step in our client’s lives, and do our jobs at the highest levels of ethics, good faith and best practices. For we are the ones, that if we do our jobs well, there is peace and security for all involved; if we do not, the damage can often instead be traumatic and heart-wrenching. 


This being my first blog post for Lab Coat Agents, I wanted to step out with a more descriptive note – just so you can get to know me a little, as well as a bit of my point of view and philosophy of business. In my particular market area, northern NJ—just 12 miles west of the monolithic center of humanity and finance known as New York City—our market is strongly influenced by the trends of the City, and we must bend and adapt with it. For those of you who know and remember, our market sees a sizable influx of “NYC expats” after major life changing events—the World Trade Center bombing of 1993, the citywide blackout in 2003, and of course, who can forget, the tragic events of 9/11. Post Hurricane Irene, Jersey City and Hoboken both sent bedraggled Buyers our way, exhausted and devastated after the flooding of their new construction buildings, black water rising into the lobbies and elevators of their box homes in the sky.  

It is such a strange dichotomy—to be overjoyed at the prospect of more clients and newfound business, and at the same time, acknowledge that these Jersey-bound pilgrims come—in the wake AND likely because of—these horrific events that changed their lives forever. I admit that my husband and I knew after the twin towers fell that our timeline to leave New York had been hastened, and we turned our eyes to the green lawns and quaint turn-of-the-century homes of the Garden State. 

Our journey to NJ was made all the more wonderful when we met the Realtor of a lifetime, a certain Roberta Baldwin (yes, my current business partner and the mother of one Nick Baldwin—you may know of whom I speak). Her kindness and care were palpable, her attention to transactional detail impressive, and through her guidance and calm hand, we navigated the transaction with ease and confidence. Heck, it was so great that I got my real estate license and here we are today… 

As real estate professionals, we all know that coming from a place of abundance, we can thrive, while a mindset of fear and scarcity can send us down a path of negativity—one that will bleed through our businesses and personal lives like a dark stain. The second half of 2018 will be a trial for many of us, as we feel the pressure of a market correction pressing heavily on our chests. I can only encourage us all, as those who others will entrust with the most valuable item they own in this world, please remember to work with the highest care and respect for our clients and each other—karma likes to see to it that we get what we give in this world. 

Looking forward to our continued relationship and all the success in the world to my colleagues, from this very grateful NJ Realtor. 


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