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— by John Moscillo

Ignore Haters

Going For It

This article is going to get real, there will be no sugar or artificial sweetener included. This is inspired by my own journey and also watching my friends Tristan and Nick on theirs. I know firsthand that when you step out of the norm to do something big and bold that there will be many people who criticize you, hope you fail and try to talk you out of doing something great.

It is crucial that in an endeavor that your Ignore Haters. Failure to ignore these nay sayers will start to build self-doubt in your mind. This self-doubt will lead to fear and that fear will immobilize you. The funny thing about fear and self-doubt, they are self-created so there for they can be self-destroyed.

Step 1 – Ignore Critics

When you grow in business and in life you must continually take inventory of the circle of people that you are around most. It is said that you are the sum of the 5 people that you are around most. Why is that? When these people influence you with their words and actions. The subconscious is very receptive to everything that is happening around you and controls your movements, thoughts and ideas.

Some would say that your cells eaves drop so feed it positive thoughts. I agree but to go deeper you need to control and reprogram your subconscious. By being around a circle of friends who are supportive, positive and have integrity it will help you become a better person in those areas as well. Within my own journey I removed everyone from my life who did not believe or support me in my ideas. By replacing these people with others who believed in me, pushed me to do better, forced me to be a better in all areas of my life both in business and personal realms.

Most often people criticize because they are fearful of the person doing it or doing it themselves so they try to bring everyone back to their small level.

Step 2 – Think it and so you shall have it


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