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— by John Moscillo

Hunters and Trappers: Lead Generation Explained

When I am meeting with sellers and I explain why they will have the most activity in the first two weeks of their home hitting the market, I explain to them that it is like Hunters and Trappers. At first—when people decide they want to buy—they get pre-approved, then they go on the Hunt. After they have exhausted any inventory that suits their needs, they then set a Trap for any new properties that hit the market. This trap is usually some form of alert that either they or their agent sets for them to notify them of the new listing. 

So while most of the flurry will be Trappers, the Hunters will steadily flow as well since they are in the hunt. But that is why the most amount of activity is in the first several weeks. 

During one of my group coaching sessions, I said that we as agents are the same way in a sense. We need to continually Hunt for new business. That is the grinding activity. The Calls, Follow Ups and Networking. Those Hunting activities are vital to our longevity and success. But we are also Trappers. We are setting social and digital ads, farming, sending out post cards, etc. 

Basically, it really comes down to passive and active lead generation.






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