Oct 11, 2017 by - Tristan Ahumada

How To Start A Vlog – Tristan Ahumada

I finally did it. I created my own Vlog (Video Blog) and here’s how:

⭐To editI used Final Cut Pro. It took me around four hours to do this on my own, but there are ways to cut down this time.

⭐To filmI used my Canon 80D with EFS 10-22 MM lens, but also my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to shoot some footage.

⭐To capture audio: I like the Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro R with Rycote Lyre Shockmount.

⭐To steady: I used a Joby Gorilla pod.

Mark Rader, my friend, team member, and DJ created all the music for me.

Myoutdesk created my intro and my outro.

I shot a lot of footage and took my camera everywhere. I had people staring at me and I had people ask me what my YouTube channel was.

The purpose of the Vlog is three-fold.

  1. Gives me a wider presence among other people, specifically locals in Malibu because I’m shooting more and more there.
  2. Helps my referral business.
  3. I teach and show agents/salespeople how to have a more successful life because it’s tough to be in sales.

Check it out below:


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