Aug 26, 2020 by - Tristan Ahumada

Here’s A Thing About Networking

The goal is to connect. Not every person that you meet is going to lead to a transaction. So when you connect with someone make sure that it’s a good connection, make sure that it’s a friendly one, and make sure that you leave a favorable impression because they will remember you if it’s a great connection!

It’s a famous saying about, “it’s not who you know but who knows you”, that ends up helping you in the long run.

Last week I did a quick video on the concept, “interesting people are interested”. If you approach all networking opportunities with that mindset you will connect deeply with a lot of people. The idea is to be as friendly and interested as possible.

When People talk, listen!

Don’t be like those people that can’t wait to get their point across. Where they interrupt at every turn and aren’t really listening with an intent to connect. If you do this you will leave an impression of someone who doesn’t really care about anything but themselves.

The key to networking is that you have to care about what the person is saying. Be deeply interested and ask questions.


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