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Four Key Technologies Every Real Estate Team Needs

Our latest webinar with Lab Coat Agents featured the dynamic duo of Jeff Sibbach and Phil Sexton of the Sibbach Team, ranked the #1 top real estate agents in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ! Jeff and Phil were joined by Chime’s Randy Carroll to talk about all things tech. From seasoned agents to those just starting out, Jeff and Phil talked through the four key technologies every real estate team needs to run and grow a business plus why AI-driven tech is here to stay. Read on for more highlights of the conversation.

  1. Web Site. Your web site is a plant; in order for it to grow and thrive, you need to water it! That means agents need to spend time and energy creating a content-rich site that gives buyers the information they need. Bear in mind, once a prospect receives your mailer the very first they are going to do is head to Google to find out more about you. However, many agents don’t have a “Google Me” presence. A content-driven web site allows them to see what you are all about! This makes all your other marketing – mailers, postcards, events – two to three times more effective and in the end more profitable.
  2. CRM. To make the most out of your web site it must be fully integrated with a CRM system. But buyer beware, not all CRM systems are created equal. Jeff and Phil have tried out more than a few of them and can attest that the IDX must be integrated into the CRM system in order for the team to glean any insights or convert leads. Unlike other systems, Chime is SEO and PPC friendly enabling teams to integrate all their important data and automate key functions as well. Data drives so much of what agents and teams can do today and will continue to be the window into your business. Investing in a CRM system is a must.
  3. Evernote. The popular organization app is for more than just keeping track of to-dos. The Sibbach team uses it to record each and every listing appointment. It is as simple as using the app from a mobile phone and enabling the recording function. Those discussions, always recorded with permission, ensure the details of the conversation aren’t lost and can be seamlessly communicated to the entire team, streamlining the process, and accelerating the next steps. Clients are also provided a copy of the conversation which highlights the listing’s pros, cons, work to be done, marketing, and pricing.
  4. Text. A ubiquitous communication tool, Jeff and Phil believe the (near) future application will be auto texting leads following a listing appointment. By minimizing silos of technology applications and ensuring their main applications are integrated, agents and teams can win the speed to lead games and make the critical shift towards closed deals.

As new data sets emerge, look for systems like Chime that understand data, invest in innovations to make it more powerful (such as Artificial intelligence driven capabilities) and can help feed your business. Check out the full webinar, “The Technology Every Real Estate Team Needs To Run A Business” for additional tips and visit Chime’s “Chiming In” blog for more on all things real estate.


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