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— by Dale Archdekin

How to Find the Perfect Inside Sales Agent with Skills Based Assessments

When it comes to finding a new inside sales agent for your team, it’s imperative to use skills based assessments to hire the perfect fit. Compared to the traditional recruiting and interviewing process, skills based assessments and hiring can guarantee that you add a skilled and dedicated member to your team.  

There have been too many times that I’ve come across a real estate team that doesn’t have a strong recruiting process. They tend to spend a lot of time reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates who don’t perform well in the position they are hired for. If you follow my Four Step Skills Based Assessment Plan, you are guaranteed to hire someone that possesses the skills you are looking for.  

Why the Traditional Interview Process Doesn’t Work 

While the traditional interviewing process may work well for businesses that need straightforward employees who have limited interactions with people, it doesn’t work well when it comes to finding salespeople. The process of reading through stacks of resumes, scheduling interviews, and interviewing candidates is time consuming and can lead to bad hires.  

As you listen to a candidate’s answers during an interview, you may feel that they are a great fit for your salesperson position. However, when they sit down and get on the phone with a list of leads, they may fail to convert them or make a sale…






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