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Dramatically Increase Your Lead Conversion Part II – How Tristan & Associates Uses Chime

Our latest webinar, the second of a two-part series with Tristian & Associates team members Zack Neeley and Mark Rader and Chime’s Randy Carroll, discusses real-life lead convergence. Mark and Zack take you deeper into the process of converting those leads by using specific functionality offered in Chime.

How do they do it and where do they start? The initial connection is crucial and the best way to create a connection is to start with the platform’s Lead Score. The Lead Score is an accurate assessment of interest-based on consistency on the website. When a lead comes through, both Mark and Zack agree that the best way to start a relationship is to call the lead. You want to build a relationship and the best way is when the lead can hear your tone, your sincerity, and your genuine offer to help. However, if you can’t reach them by phone, texting is a great alternative and can help start the dialog. Also, texting through the site ensures that all communications are captured; should you ever forget a detail you can go back and refresh your memory.

The next step is to go back to the Property Alert. After Mark and Zack speak with a lead, they adjust the criteria on the property alert. They will likely have more details to include and it might be different from what was initially entered.

Follow-up! This is the most important step once you make initial contact. Mark and Zack have several tips for this process, and both agree that follow-up has to happen on the same day as the call. In the follow-up, it is important to include new listings based on the criteria from the phone call. Zack will send an email and then shoot over a text saying that an email was sent. Mark will send listings through text – both strategies work. Randy noted that emails that include property details in the subject line have a much greater response.

To be the most effective with your follow-up, Zack and Mark recommend using the Set Task function. This will allow you to stay on task (making new calls) and will schedule a reminder to send your follow-ups later in the day. It’s also a good idea to schedule subsequent follow-ups for later in the week.

For more tips and tricks with Chime, listen in to the full discussion here and be sure to check out part one of the conversation too.


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