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— by Kathrin Rein

How to be different in a world where almost everyone holds a real estate license

In Miami, everyone and their cousin has a real estate license. Even the Uber Driver has one.

So how do you differentiate yourself from the rest?

What has always helped me in being the realtor of choice for my clients was that I built deep relationships with all of them.

I  am always there for them and always go the extra mile. Whether that means being in front of them on Social Media, giving them market updates or responding to their requests for a painter, roofer, etc. My clients just always know that they can come to me with anything. One time I even got a request from a client asking for a plastic surgeon (She said: Not that you would need it but you seem to be very connected so I trust your opinion).

That is always the best compliment a client can give. To ask for help or advice.

People can feel when you are just after the paycheck so my primary goal has always been to build a relationship with my clients that lasts a lifetime. A good and happy client is always the best referral. I have clients that have given me over 10 referrals already.

No advertising in the world is as cheap and effective as a referral from a past client.

I still compete with the occasional cousin that is an agent and does it part-time. It is important to show clients that holding a real estate license does not automatically entitle people to earn a commission or does not give people the knowledge to sell a home.

Believe it or not some clients think that in real estate school they teach you how to sell a house when in reality all they teach you is how to stay out of jail.

If you focus on showing clients that you do not learn in real estate school anything that will help you sell their house and show them how you required the knowledge of selling homes and facts of your list to sales ratio, you will walk out of there with a signed listing. I provide great value by showing clients that my list to sales ratio is 7-9% higher than the average on the MLS. That means I pay for myself, the other realtors’ commission, and my client’s dinner. That line always makes them laugh.

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