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Building Better Relationships with Your Clients

Take one look at any real estate guru, and they’ll be sounding off the tips and tricks of growing your network and the importance of follow-up. That’s perfectly accurate, but what’s often missed are the underlying principles that make follow-up and reach outs so important. To apply success in your real estate business you have to understand the three key elements that enhance every part of what you do: Be consistent, be transparent, and be authentic. Here’s why they work and where you can seek to use them in your favor.


Everyone’s said it: “You win in your follow-up.” But why is that? According to, 50% of sales happen after the 5th touch. The consistency to stay top-of-mind with prospective clients opens the doors to half of your potential business.

So how do you get over the fear of calling someone 5 or more times? The answer is to remove the fear altogether by making it an actionable item. Start small! There’s no reason to give yourself a lofty goal of reaching out to everyone in your network all at once. Instead, set aside 1 hour of the day to contact a select few of the most pressing touchpoints and stick to it.

By making the process of follow-up more of a commitment, you’ll stay consistent and soon be following up as a natural part of your day. 


Don’t reach out for the sake of checking off one more follow-up for the day. Instead, make it known to whomever you’re contacting that there is value to the interaction.

That value can be as simple as being genuinely interested in them from a human perspective – checking on their children, how their career is going – or reaching out to inform them of industry knowledge that will benefit them in their home search with you. From their point of view, it should be obvious that you’re reaching out for their benefit, not to win them over by annoying them.

Transparency is a cornerstone of building better relationships with real estate clients, and people in general.


A truly authentic approach to the relationships with your clients will result in what’s referred to as a positive-sum game. Understand that the concept of a positive-sum game has both parties winning in the end.

Coming into a relationship with that in mind allows you to operate from a more authentic perspective, flowing into a more genuine, trusting relationship. You’ll have a natural tendency to attract more business if your clients rave about how helpful and trusting you are.

Short and sweet, these three principles are the underlying elements of all real estate relationships. Truthfully, you can apply these anywhere and you’ll notice results with all of your connections. Although you can begin to implement all three at once, follow these as a stepping stone to one another and they’ll be ingrained in no time.

Showingly is proud to help real estate agents keep their client relationships as transparent as possible. By removing the headache of who, when, and how to follow up, Showingly’s automated and fully integrated CRM allows you to focus on forming genuine relationships with your clients while providing a simplified way of noting client interest, viewing favorites, and reviewing showings. Showingly’s CRM goes hand-in-hand with staying consistent, remaining transparent, and practicing authenticity with your present and future clients.

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