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How To Conduct And Manage Your Business Virtually

Running a real estate business virtually can feel especially daunting for an industry that has built itself on the success of in-person interactions. But in these evolving times, getting comfortable with virtual is vital! Our latest webinar with Lab Coat Agents highlights all the ways Chime can help agents and brokers conduct business virtually. From virtual open houses to interactive landing pages to incorporating live streams from Zoom, Tristian talked with Chime’s Andrew Wardle and Randy Carroll about the tips and tricks for how to use Chime to make the virtual business a reality. Read on for highlights of their conversation or check out the full webinar recording.

Virtual Open Houses & Tours

As of this writing, nearly half of the country is unable to conduct traditional open houses due to the coronavirus pandemic. Virtual tours and virtual open houses have rapidly emerged as a way for agents to fill the gap. Video walkthroughs can be done safely, simply, and quickly on an iPhone or via Facebook, Zoom or YouTube live streams (but be warned you need at least 1,000 subscribers on YouTube in order to access the live stream function).

To get maximum impact, these videos should be incorporated into your web site which is where Chime’s dynamic IDX comes into play. No matter how you create the video content – Zoom or Facebook, iPhone, or YouTube – Chime’s platform enables agents to easily upload and promote video content. And yes, we handle 3D content no problem!

Interactive Landing Pages

Once you’ve got the video, how do you get it out to your prospects and clients? Andrew recommends taking advantage of Chime’s ability to create custom landing pages for individual properties. Chime’s easy “drag and drop” functionality makes it simple for agents to promote properties and live virtual tours by creating landing pages for each listing. These pages pull images and information directly from the MLS and can be fully customized to your specific target buyer by incorporating school information or mortgage calculators for instance.

As a fully integrated platform, Chime can also track these landing pages as a custom lead source enabling brokers to see how many leads are generated from the page and which are worth pursuing further.  Through Chime, agents can even send these pages with personalized messages via text or upload directly to Facebook or other social channels for a seamless approach to promotion. Tutorials are built-in directly to the Chime user dashboard for easy troubleshooting no matter the time of day or night.

The opportunity to promote the listing directly from your site also eliminates the multitude of distractions that prospects face when viewing a listing posted to Facebook alone.

Why a Standalone CRM Isn’t Enough

Andrew noted you can’t get the most out of your CRM system if it’s not connected to your web site. Chime is so powerful because it was built from the ground up with IDX integration (and as a mobile application!). Given its roots, the system is designed to be reactionary to how users are engaging on your site. It interacts with the right leads through AI-driven technology – think chatbots! – and automates much of the lead nurturing process.

It’s the seamless integration that makes Chime the “Ferrari of CRMs” according to Tristian… and he should know as he has tried them all!

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