Jul 23, 2020 by - Kathrin Rein

How to change brokerages and not lose your mind

Recently I found myself in a bad spot:

I was very unhappy at the brokerage I was at and in a desperate need of change but I was worried about changing my signs, my marketing, and also my colleagues.

I am not a person to change ships too quickly so this was a tough decision and I felt like I was going through a work divorce.

Here are the steps I took to make the transition smooth:

  1. I determined what I was missing at the current office, which was for me: Culture, Leadership, and Support. I never felt like I was welcome in the 7 years I was there and all my achievements were never recognized nor mentioned. On the opposite, they would try to hide them. I felt like someone was trying to dim my light. A very frustrating environment to be in.

  2. I told the office that I was leaving without knowing where to go next. If I had not done that I would have never been able to make a move. This step forced me to move on and look for other options. I wrote a nice email announcing that I was terminating my relationship. I did not give any reasons and I ended it with “I wish you all the best”. There is no need to be emotional or give them any reason especially not if they do not have a lot of cultures anyway.

  3. I interviewed with many other offices and was looking for what I was missing mentioned under 1. This is very important. You must look for what you were missing at the previous office otherwise there is no point for a change.

  4. Once I found the right spot (It took me 2 months!!) I made the move.

  5. Focus on your business, nothing else. My move was a shock to a lot of people as everyone knows I’m very loyal and I was the top agent of that office for years. Many people called me and asked questions. Do not give in to the drama! It’ll drive you insane. Rumors were even that I was fired. I felt sad for whoever spread those. Whenever someone is successful there will always be haters. Just be your amazing you and move on. Success is always the best revenge.

  6. Take time off to relax. This is stressful. I am not kidding, I wrote earlier it felt like a work divorce. There are a lot of emotions especially if you have been with the office for a long time. Make sure to take care of yourself. Get a massage, do a spa day etc. You deserve a break!

I cannot tell you what a difference it has made in my life to align myself with people that are like-minded, want to see you shine, and grow and don’t try to hide your ambition so that others won’t get discouraged. When I started in real estate I looked up to high achievers and it was them that motivated me to be the best I can. Whenever you find yourself surrounded by small thinkers or people that are trying to dim your light, always remember that only low achievers think this way. The true big thinkers want others to do well and by being amazing you inspire a lot of others to become just like you!


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