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Capturing the Attention of Millennial Buyers

According to the National Association of REALTORS® Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report 2021, millennials made up 37% of the buyers share last year, making this audience of prime interest to today’s agents.  In our latest webinar with Lab Coat Agents, Mark Rader, Associate with Keller Williams, shares his best practice approach to reaching this valued audience and how technology tools from Chime have made all the difference.  To listen to a full replay of the webinar, “Capturing the Attention of Millennial Buyers,” watch below:

At 21, Mark was struggling to make real estate a full-time career and a consistent source of income – balancing two other jobs and his education. Finally, after three challenging years, Mark joined Tristan and the Keller Williams team and started to find success – most recently closing a $10.5 deal, an online lead generated by Chime.

A millennial himself, Mark keenly understands this demographic and leverages this personal experience to better connect with his peers.  While an older generation of agents rely on aggressive, “sales-y” oriented tactics, this approach just doesn’t resonate with today’s buyers and sellers.  Millennials, especially, want to connect first and buy later.  Here are Mark’s best practices for doing just that!

  1. Curb your tone – Relax and casually approach high-interest leads with friendly but even-toned texts and phone calls to engage and help make an initial connection.  For example, don’t be afraid of emojis.  It’s a great humanizer and helps to bridge the gap right off the bat.
  2. Listen & Learn – Chime’s unique call recording feature enables agents to learn from mistakes and/or understand what worked well to replicate in the future.  This is a critical tool in understanding how to hone tonality, tweak language and rephrase questions to ensure a better connection with leads for long-term success.  Mark often shares his recorded calls with Tristan and the team as a learning guide.  This critical feature is fundamental to helping the entire team learn, grow and ultimately succeed.
  3. Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up – Chime’s Smart Plans allow an agent to vary the day/time of outreach to better fit into a lead’s schedule. This unique feature has greatly helped increase Mark’s success rate in connecting.  Open-ended questions help get leads talking and help hone in on what criteria matters most.  These insights help to inform a more strategic and targeted outreach effort and boost conversion rates.  And know that consistent follow-up – sometimes over the course of years – may be necessary to closing that big deal.

At the end of the day, Mark says practice, shape, and sharpen your naturally gifted sales skills.  Lean into what you do well and your authenticity will shine through – helping you to build relationships with all your leads but especially those millennials, eager for meaningful, personal connection.

Click here for the full webinar recording and learn more about how Chime’s comprehensive platform can help better identify, nurture and convert millennial buyers.

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