May 01, 2017 by - Rett Harmon

It Can be Lonely at the Top

Real estate is much more fun as a team sport. Are you overwhelmed personally and in your business? Too many clients and not enough hours in the day? You’ve gotten to the point where customer service is declining and so are your personal relationships? What gives? You attend all the right events, network, volunteer, and are known in your community. Your asking yourself why things  feel this hard and that you should be more productive! Well, living a fulfilled life is much more important than a productive life. Contrary to what you may believe, if you’re willing to let go of some of the small stuff, you can have both.

In a typical real estate transaction, over 75% of tasks requires very little skill. In fact, many of the tasks can be performed better by someone else doing them for you. At the end of the day we want our customers to receive the best experience possible. A strong negotiator may get the best price for seller, but not have the best bedside manner.  Letting go the small stuff and trusting others that possess the ideal personality for the job at hand can be an epic win for all!

Opposites Attract

When deciding to start delegating tasks and making new hires, be careful not to hire another you. You can be your own worst enemy. What are your talents? More importantly what are your weaknesses?  It’s important to identify both. Take a free online personality test and save the results. Have anyone you potentially hire take the same test and share your results with those you hire, own your weakness not just your strengths.  A successful team consists of many different personalities working together for the same common goal.  It’s important that everyone is sitting in the right place.

Shift Happens

Your first hire should be an assistant that is good at doing the things you prefer not to do or that do not require a license.   Okay I get it, you’re good at everything – in fact you’re the best. If you’re highly productive, and you handle every task, and you’re the best – I will venture to say that other aspects of your life will suffer.  Make the shift and empower others.  I completely agree that no one will do everything just as good as you (well, how you would do it), mistakes and growing pains are certain.  However; when you can focus on the things that truly define your talents, you will perform at the highest level. The biggest benefit is your reclaimed time which is best spent enjoying life with the ones you care about and being productive with your time.

S & M – Systems & Methods

It always cracks me up that in our profession we start off, I’ve been a REALTOR for 87 years…. This cheese is properly aged, is what comes to my mind.  But seriously, we can do this stuff in our sleep.  The problem is, it’s all in our head.  We don’t write down the order of events required to get the deal done our way. In order to be productive and use time wisely,  start defining your System and the Method in which you personally carry them out.  This is a key Matrix in defining how your business will become scalable while keeping within your way of doing business and value proposition. This will also help you determine what tasks to take on yourself and what part of the business you may want to hire for.

The key to finding the most productive method of work is by honing in on your strengths and weaknesses. Find someone to join you who can compliment your work style, but brings strengths to the table that you may lack. Do this, and your sure to see not only the way you work becomes smarter, but your business will start to soar.


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