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Buyers and Sellers are Looking for These 4 Attributes in Their Real Estate Agents

Many times as a real estate agent, we are constantly comparing ourselves to other agents that we aspire to be. And, even though buying and selling homes can also put you in competition with other agents, usually, the person we are in competition most is with ourselves. How can you meet the needs of each of your clients while making sure you still manage to take care of your own needs? Don’t sweat it trying to be perfect for every opportunity that comes your way. Instead, try to focus on what it is that clients are really looking for in their agents, and home in on those.

1) Relatable Experience and Knowledge

There’s no question that the first thing a potential client is wondering (even if they won’t explicitly ask) is how long you’ve been in the business. And, chances are they already took it upon themselves to do their research before requesting an initial consultation. Unfortunately, most of the time they are going to go with someone that has 10 years of experience versus someone with just two years of experience. 

But, experience isn’t the only thing. Even some of the most experienced agents are lacking in other areas, which would easily make a potential client run out the door and find someone more on their level. Sometimes, the new guys are more attentive than those who have been doing it for years and actually have closed on an impressive amount of listings in their short career.  

Additionally, experience is also not as important for some people as knowledge. What they really care about is whether or not you know your stuff. There are many potential buyers and sellers that will no doubt put their potential agent in the hot seat, essentially quizzing you on various topics. So, pay attention to the news and utilize groups like Lab Coat Agents to see what people are discussing. And, if you don’t know something, say that you’ll be happy to look into it or direct them to the right source.

2) Solid Reviews and Recommendations

Some prospective clients will be willing to look over the experience aspect, as long as they’ve heard great things about you. These days – and, maybe now more than ever – people want to use someone that they know their friends and family have also used. If you’re a new agent – or, you’re an experienced one who isn’t on social media – you’ll have to do something about that. Make sure you have a presence online and in the physical community. Attend community-wide events, make ads on Facebook, and make it easy for people to find you, get in touch with you and write reviews about you. Also, always ask for testimonials from clients once you close on a deal with them.

3) Strong People Skills

When buyers and sellers search for an agent, they’ll usually be able to tell right away whether or not you’d be a good fit for them. How? Through your people skills. Clients want somebody that listens to their needs instead of someone who talks too much about themselves. They want someone that makes eye contact and isn’t distracted with phone calls or message dings during a meeting. They look for response rate – not that you answer them right away all the time, but that you are consistent and thoughtful in your replies. Clients want to work with someone that has a professional manner and not someone who sounds too inexperienced.

If a majority of your consultations are flops, consider recording yourself during meetings and see where the problem may lie.

4) Whether or Not You’ll Keep Them in the Loop

Even after you’ve demonstrated your experience, knowledge, testimonials, and that you’re a people-person, you may find that you’re losing clients just as the ball starts to get rolling.

Why is that?

Usually, it’s because you’ve failed to keep your clients in the loop. Though most people, of course, hire an agent because they need help with the process of buying or selling or a home, they also don’t want their agent to assume that their clients going to sit back on the sidelines while the agent does everything. This is an important investment or decision for your clients, and they’ll want to be kept in the loop. In the beginning, create a plan to outline the relationship, incorporating their input on how much they want to know and be involved, or even expectations regarding phone calls.

Think of this as when parents hire a babysitter when they go out on a date. Sometimes, they want check-ins every hour. Other times, they only want to be contacted in case of an emergency. This is very important to keep in mind and one of the most critical attributes that people look for when choosing an agent. 

What other attributes do you think are important for those on the other side? Let us know in the comments!


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