Oct 02, 2020 by - Darryl Davis

Building Your Listings Inventory: Call Old FSBOS & Expireds

In a recent coaching call with our Power Agents®, we talked about effectively listing FSBOs, using tools to get necessary price reductions, how to create your listing conversation book, and using the current market stats to help sellers better understand how important it is to get ahead of the market. Our coaching calls are literally a POWER HOUR. Every question and answer is a chance for everyone to learn because when we stop learning, we stop succeeding! 

Right now, our team, our membership, and myself are focused on helping agents rebuild their listings inventory now that the pandemic restrictions are beginning to slowly lift. One of my favorite strategies to share with Power Agents® is to have them call OLD FSBOs and Expireds. And no, I don’t mean senior citizens (though they might be included)! 

This is a terrific lead generation source because, for the most part, these prospects have already fallen OFF the radar of the other agents in your market, but not you though – you’re savvy! You’ve got skills!

The Dialogue

So, you want to call them, but you have no idea what to say. Well, let me give you some dialogue that you can use:

Hi, this is Darryl Davis from Power Realty.

So, I noticed you tried selling your house a few months ago. I was just wondering…did you ever sell it? 

No? Oh, I’m sorry. Why do you think it didn’t happen? What was the challenge?

Well listen, where were you thinking of moving to? Why there? When did you want to get there by? 

So, let me ask you this — if I can help you get where you want to go by the time you want to get there with the money you need, is that something you would consider? Would you be offended if I can by to see if there is any way I can help you?

Here’s a video of this dialogue: https://youtu.be/Ba9-GqS1hyo

Where to Find Leads

Where do you get these listing leads, you ask? I suggest The RedX, it’s a great company and my Power Agents® all swear by them. When you sign up, they’ll send you every FSBO for the last 6 months. They also can help you with Expired leads, For Rent By Owner, and more. If you’re looking to create a listing surge in the next 90 days, it’s advantageous to have a company like this deliver the leads to right to you.

Ready, Set, Go!

Are you ready to start taking things to the next level? Building listing inventory and communicating value are top priorities. Download our free eguide, The 12 Best Ideas to Generate Listing Leads in 30 Days. It includes TEN additional ways to drive listing inventory! 

We’re here to help! Join us for our weekly free webinars designed to help agents get real world solutions to building listing inventory, growing their businesses, handling objections, and so much more! Learn more at www.DarrylSpeaks.com/Online-Training.  

About Your Author Darryl Davis, CSP, Speaker, Coach, Author 

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