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FSBO Mastery Can Make You Millions

Can you imagine walking into your office in the morning without any leads and ending the day with a signed agreement on a well-priced listing? What would that do to your business and your life?

Stop imagining and let’s make it happen.

In my 24 years of real estate sales and training, it is evident to me that real estate agents would rather do anything else other than prospect For Sale By Owners. That’s despite the fact that they are, next to Expired listings, the fastest and best source of immediate business. 

Let’s talk about why they are the best prospects to contact. Here are a few tips to convert them into appointments and listings.

  1. Even though they sound unmotivated, their house is for sale and they don’t have an agent yet. Don’t buy into their seemingly lack of motivation, it’s just a smokescreen. People in their right state of mind don’t put their house for sale if they don’t want to sell it. Their response is based on the fact that they don’t know you, they don’t think they need an agent, and many of them don’t trust real estate agents.
  2. The more conversational you sound, the better your results will be. The more scripted you sound, the worst your results will be. The trick is to use a proven and effective script without sounding scripted. That requires practice and time on task.
  3. Communication is not what you say, it’s what people hear. The script you choose to use is critically important. You are in the business of communicating. What you say and how you say it will determine the outcome of your interaction. To get a free copy of Jackie Kravitz’ FSBO script, go to
  4. FSBOs are selling on their own to save the commission. This is the only conversation that is relevant to them. They are not interested in telling you where they are moving to and how soon they want to move. In fact, they usually downplay their motivation because they don’t know you, they don’t want to use an agent, they don’t think that they need an agent, and in many cases, they don’t trust agents. Again – saving the commission is the only conversation that they are interested in.
  5. FSBOs have problems but they don’t know that they have them.

You have to help them realize that they have problems and then you can list them by offering your services as the solution to their problems. What are some of the problems that they have? 

Lack of exposure

  • Bargain hunters
  • Unqualified buyers
  • No negotiating skills
  • Legal liability
  • Safety and security

Do these problems cost them money? Can you solve these problems for them? By solving these problems, you stop them from losing money and you benefit them financially. Until they realize that they have problems that cost them money, speaking to them is like trying to sell ice to an Eskimo. It is your job and your responsibility to help them understand that selling on their own will cost them money, time, and aggravation. Your job on an FSBO listing appointment is to convince them that hiring you is the best financial decision they can make. This is how you list FSBOs.

  • Someone is always selling someone something. FSBOs are very confident about what they are doing. Here is a critical question for you: are you more confident about what you can do for them than they are about what they are doing?

On every FSBO contact that you make, one of two things will happen. Either you will convince them that they need your services or they will convince you that they don’t. There is no other option. If you don’t set an appointment, they sold you.

  • How do you convince someone of something that you don’t believe in? You must develop the mindset that they are making a huge mistake if they don’t list with you. You have to believe in the value of the services that you offer. If you don’t believe that hiring you is the best financial decision they can make, how will you be able to convince them to list with you? It is not possible, it defies logic.

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By Jackie Kravitz –

Jackie Kravitz is the For Sale By Owner and Expired Listing powerhouse. She personally listed 150 For Sale By Owners & Expired listings per year and sold 125 homes per year for several years. All of this while working 150 days in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country. Jackie has made tens of thousands of prospecting and coaching calls since 1996 and collaborated with top sales training companies for over 15 years.


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