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Artificial Intelligence for Your Real Estate Business

The interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving agents and brokerages alike to take a closer look at the practical applications of this technology. Chime has pioneered the use of this technology and included a seamless integration into our award-winning sales acceleration platform. Late last year, our Randy Carroll sat down with Tristian to discuss Chime’s AI Assistant and how it can boost both productivity and conversion rates. For more details read on or check out the conversation in its entirety. And be sure to watch this page for more on how AI can help build your business in the year ahead!

The Chime AI Assistant was born of a pervasive industry problem – what to do with too many leads. More leads are being created now than ever before. And even before this golden age of lead generation agents were facing a big lead conversion problem. They were – and still are – contending with simply too many leads, making it harder and harder to know where to focus and in turn how to convert. The genesis behind the Chime AI Assistant was driven by this need to help agents convert.

In 2019 the Chime team introduced the AI Assistant to help agents engage and qualify leads more effectively and do so just like a human ISA. After all, it was clear static, canned messages weren’t cutting it. As Randy Carroll noted, you cannot replicate the human touch of a phone call – that’s still important, but adding another tool to the conversion toolbox is exactly what agents need right now.

For example, the Tristian and Associates team uses the Chime AI Assistant, to help alleviate some of the monotony ISAs often deal with. As soon as someone engages with a property on the website the AI Assistant makes contact, garners more information, and passes on details to the agent to take over and make a call or initiate a dialogue. As Tristian noted, “I love working in tandem with the AI.”

For more on how the Chime AI Assistant works to drive lead conversion check out the full webinar, “Artificial Intelligence For Your Real Estate Business.”

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