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Are you on Tiktok?

Watch out Facebook and Instagram! There’s a new kid on the block! It’s called Tiktok and it’s not just for your teenage daughter or son. Tiktok provides a set of tools that enable real estate agents to generate content that appeals to a broad audience. You don’t need to be a 16-year-old influencer to go viral either. All it takes is the consistent posting of relatable content and you will be on your way to reaching new leads.

Here are some helpful hints to get you started:

Define your audience first 

It may be the millennial demographic frequented by TikTok, first-time homebuyers, or investment buyers and sellers. If your goal is to target the first-time homebuyer then you may want to find trending videos and apply relevant real estate content around that. For example, you can create a  video on the “Five things you can do to buy your first home before you turn 30”. Add some trendy music or dance moves, and a great headline that targets your intended audience like “Hey, are you under 30 and ready to buy a home?”  Make it easy to get the attention of your desired audience. Then, there’s no question about who the video is directed toward.

Once your content is live, you have to be ready to respond to the deluge of comments. Especially if your TikTok has a question or a call to action in it, this will trigger people to comment or ask questions so you can respond.

Remember,  it’s not just about posting. It’s about following up with potential lead sources.

Pick your niche

When creating a new Tiktok, remember that you have 15 to 60 seconds to get your message across. Once you’ve identified your niche, go through all your existing materials you already have and break that down into less than 60 seconds segments. For example, if you previously have done homebuyer’s seminars, you can take that material and put it into small pieces. Your first post may be “How to add value to your home”. Brainstorm what a prospective client would want to know and record a quick video with that information.

Create a content calendar

You want to be consistent with your material, so plan out your month ahead of time so you know what to post daily. You can take questions you’ve received on Facebook or Instagram and put together general ideas of what you can use for the actual text. Using that as your marketing strategy, and incorporating the sounds (and/or dance moves) that trend on a weekly basis will help you stay relevant.

Get ready to start your own TikTok journey today and let us know how you’ve used these tips for success!


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