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— by John Moscillo

Acknowledge the False Bottom, Adjust your Focus and Grow your Business

Let us talk about a certain reality for a moment. It may seem very negative, but in fact it is the reality of the career path we chose. What I am about to say and talk about is intended to open your eyes a little bit and get tuned in so that you fully understand this real estate thing we do.

Those who have been around for awhile have seen the effects of it and can, most likely, agree that the failure rate in our industry is alarming. Estimates are 80-87 percent failure rate. This is super scary if you stop to think about it—100 people start, and only 12-20 make it.

While I was training agents and still selling, I was also growing More GCI. During this time, I interviewed agents from around the country about this very issue. Almost everyone agreed that many people coming into the industry have no business management experience. And seeing that you just started a business, you need to have some level of business knowledge.





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